Day 60, Fall 4: Version 1.1 is Here

Day 60, Fall 4: Version 1.1 is Here

New Developments in the Valley


Since the last post, Stardew Valley has released its latest update to version 1.1 with a bunch of changes and improvements to the game. I haven’t read the full patch notes to avoid spoiling later parts of the game, but here are some things I’ve noticed so far:

  • You can change the color of your chests
  • Robin can move farm buildings for you – for free!
  • There are two new buildings available – a mill and a shed
  • Shane and Emily are now single

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Day 59, Fall 3: Cow Shopping & Beer

Day 59, Fall 3: Cow Shopping & Beer

I continued to work on making quality fertilizer, doing a bunch of fishing in the ocean this time.


I found three new “fish”: Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, and Albacore. Besides those, there were tons of sardines and anchovies.

I planted 9 amaranth seeds, but the really exciting part of the day was over on the animal husbandry side of things.

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Day 58, Fall 2: A Rare Mistake

Day 58, Fall 2: A Rare Mistake

I opened up one of my storage chests to discover something terrible this morning.



I forgot to plant this yesterday! Am I completely screwed until next year?

If I try planting it today and it dies the day before it can be harvested, I’ll be devastated.

But I also don’t want to hold onto this thing for a whole year! I thought of one thing I could try that might just save the day…


Speed-Gro! Theoretically it should cut down a 28-day growth time to 25 days, allowing me to harvest before winter. Will it work? I’ll get back to you in December after I find out.


I also picked my first Ancient Fruit today. What to do with it? Typically I’d always sell the first one to make sure I get it in my collection, but I do have a second one on the way.

I decided to test out a new piece of machinery I crafted yesterday: the Seed Maker.


A couple hours later, out popped… one Ancient Seed. I was hoping for at least two, so I’d be able to start multiplying my crops. However, the ancient plant is still there, so I believe it will produce more fruits periodically.

I got an oak resin from my tapper today, which means I can make my first keg! I put some gold-quality hops in it for the inaugural brewing.


What’s left for today? Well, I’d like to plant more pumpkins since if I do that today I can replant on the 15th for a second harvest on Fall 28.

But I’m out of Quality Fertilizer, and if pumpkins are anything like last season’s melons, fertilizing them is basically a must. Off to do more fishing!


I tried the river this time, and almost immediately caught my first Tiger Trout. By early evening I’d also discovered catfish and walleye.

Rather than putting these new fish straight into fertilizer, I stopped by the community center to see which bundles they could go into. It turns out, those were the exact three fish I needed to finish both the River Fish and the Night Fishing bundles!


In fact, there’s now only one fish I need to complete the whole tank: a Sandfish. I bet those will be found in the desert, which means I need to get the bus repaired before I can find one (barring any good luck with the traveling merchant).

To repair the bus, I’ll need to complete the Vault, which will cost a grand total of 42,500g – yikes. I bought the 2,500g one just for kicks, and got some chocolate cake as a reward.


One of my other rewards was a ring that gives off a small radius of light around Karl. Definitely comes in handy for screenshots!



Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Delivery (1 Frozen Tear to Shane)

Items Donated:


Bundles Completed:

River Fish (Reward – small glow ring)

Night Fishing (Reward – 30 bait)

2,500g Bundle (Reward – 3 chocolate cakes)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


Day 57, Fall 1: Autumnal Equinox

Day 57, Fall 1: Autumnal Equinox


Today’s the first day of Fall! The colors are a-changin’ here in Stardew Valley.


I’ve got a lot to do today. I want to get as much planted as I can using the Quality Fertilizer. I crafted 36 units of it using almost all of yesterday’s fish. I’m trying not to think about the thousands those fish would have sold for… I’m sacrificing present value for (hopefully) greater profits in the future!

Preparing the Soil

I cleared away the dead hops and pepper plants, and mixed all my fertilizer into the dirt. It’s enough to cover about a third of my little crops field.


I also used a few Mixed Seeds to fill in the experimental area where that corn is.


I need seeds, and of course something to water them with. It’s off to town to pick up both those things before I can finish the day’s work.


I kept two fish from yesterday that were needed up at the community center – a bass and a sturgeon.


These were the last two needed for the Lake Fish Bundle. The reward: another dressed spinner (increases bite rate).


By the way, that Junimo is saying “Thank you.” Finally my knowledge of their alphabet comes in handy…

Here’s the calendar for Fall:


There’s a fair on the 16th and an event called “Spirit’s Eve” on the 27th. Seems like that could be their version of Halloween – unfortunately that late in the season will end up being just before Christmas.

New Seeds


I browsed Pierre’s large selection of Fall seeds – there’s a lot of variety this time around. I ended up buying some grapes, pumpkin, eggplant, bok choy, and yams. I’ll do a bit more fishing to make sure I have enough fertilizer for all of it.

Geodes Galore

Next it’s time to pick up the steel watering can.


I brought a ton of geodes with me that I from mining and fishing. They were very lucrative – three new minerals, three iridium ore, and ten gold ore. That’s enough for two gold bars, which means two Quality Sprinklers are coming soon!

I donated all the new stuff at the museum and got two rewards out of it: a skeleton for my house, and something called a Rarecrow (functions the same as a scarecrow but it’s… rarer? There are eight different kinds).


I needed nine more fish, so I took the mine cart up to the lake (seriously, these things are amazing for getting around) to get them. With the Dressed Spinner it went very quickly and gave plenty of time to finish planting back at home.

Sowing & Watering


Had to be sure to put the grapes off to the side where the trellis won’t be in the way.


The new watering can can hit up to five tiles in a line if you hold the button down long enough. As far as I know, that means you can be five times as energy-efficient. It’ll be best to plant future crop fields with the five-tile width in mind, and the added benefit is they’ll be perfectly ready to get iridium sprinklers installed later.

After an eventful first day of a new season, I said goodnight to Robin (working late as usual on the barn) and went to bed.




Items Donated:


Achievements Unlocked:



Tomorrow’s weather: Rain

Day 56, Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Day 56, Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Here’s the plan.


My latest farming discovery is a recipe for quality fertilizer, which can be easily made by adding a fish to some basic fertilizer.

With a whole new batch of crops starting tomorrow, I want to use as much of the new fertilizer as possible. Which means I need to catch a ton of fish to start making it – I already have a ton of sap stored from all the tree chopping the other day.

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Day 55, Summer 27: Building a Barn

Day 55, Summer 27: Building a Barn

Bonus Post!

It’s a bountiful harvest today! I’ve got corn, melons, blueberries, radishes, and hops.


The two older chickens, Lunes and Martes, started laying large eggs today.


I tried putting one in the mayonnaise machine and it produced a gold-quality jar of mayo which will sell for 225g instead of 150. These are some profitable chickens!

After watering, I decided today would be a great day to upgrade to the steel watering can. Most of the crops will die off in a couple days, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t get watered tomorrow.

But first, I went to Robin’s shop to have her start work on the new barn.


With all of yesterday’s preparation I had the materials ready to go and my site picked out next to the silo.


Unfortunately she won’t be starting until the first of Fall. Tomorrow’s the second summer festival, the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies or something like that.

I went to the adventurer’s guild when it dawned on me that I never claimed my reward for exterminating the requisite number of bugs.

The old guy in the rocking chair congratulated Karl and gave him this:


Apparently I can swing a giant severed bug head as a weapon now. It’s a decent upgrade to the one I bought earlier so I’ll be using it despite its claimed unpleasantness.

And now over to the blacksmith for the next tool upgrade via the handy mine cart network.


I had a geode to open, so I remembered to do that before putting Clint to work (it just had an earth crystal).


And now I’m back to being broke. I just spent 11,000g. Hopefully all the crops I’m selling today will bump me back up a bit.

With my new transportation options I figured I could easily make some progress in the mine without staying out too late.


The new insect head sword makes short work of these slimes

I got to floor 55 with time to spare, so I ate some pancakes to boost foraging and then dug up every square of soft soil on 55 and 56.


I ended up with a total of twelve cave carrots, some clay and iron, and a new artifact: a skeletal tail.

Took the mine cart back home and went to bed feeling quite productive for the day.



Skill Progress:


There’s a third level of sprinkler?? I haven’t even made the second one yet!


Day 54, Summer 26: Cleanup

Day 54, Summer 26: Cleanup

I spent most of the day chopping wood and clearing weeds in the northwest corner of the farm, trying to get ready for the upcoming barn addition.

Here’s an overall view of the farm before today’s work:


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