In-Depth Parsnip Analysis

This page is where I’ve tracked all the information I gathered while going for the Monoculture achievement (ship 300 of one crop).

This was in the Spring of Year 1, using parsnips because they have the cheapest seeds and I wanted to plant 20 per day.

In order to test the effectiveness of basic fertilizer, half of the parsnips were fertilized while the other half were not.

Midway through this project I took the Tiller profession, which increased the sell price of all crops by 10%. To keep things consistent I ignored that extra profit in these numbers.

Date Started: Spring 9 (Farming Skill: 1)

Date Completed: Spring 28 (Farming Skill: 6)

Total Parsnips Planted/Shipped: 320

Total Profit (No Fertilizer): 2,451 g

Total Profit (Basic Fertilizer): 3,087 g

Total Profit Combined: 5,538 g (11,938 g sold – 6,400 g seed cost)

Average Quality Increase for Basic Fertilizer: 11.9%

Average Profit Increase for Basic Fertilizer with Parsnips: 25.9%

Estimated Profit Increase for Kale: 32.7%

Estimated Profit Increase for Cauliflower: 21.9%

Conclusion: Fertilizer is really good! To determine which crops will benefit the most from it, use this formula: (sell price) / (sell price – seed price). Higher numbers will have a greater percentage increase in profit when fertilized.

To get the most money out of each unit of fertilizer though, just use it on crops with the highest sell price.

Quality Breakdown (No Fertilizer)

Count Percent
Normal Quality 157 98.1%
Silver Quality 0 0.0%
Gold Quality 3 1.9%

Average quality score without fertilizer: 101 (where 100 is normal and 150 is Gold)

Quality Breakdown (Basic Fertilizer)

Count Percent
Normal Quality 100 62.5%
Silver Quality 37 23.1%
Gold Quality 23 14.4%

Average quality score with fertilizer: 113 (where 100 is normal and 150 is Gold)