Day 56, Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Day 56, Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Here’s the plan.


My latest farming discovery is a recipe for quality fertilizer, which can be easily made by adding a fish to some basic fertilizer.

With a whole new batch of crops starting tomorrow, I want to use as much of the new fertilizer as possible. Which means I need to catch a ton of fish to start making it – I already have a ton of sap stored from all the tree chopping the other day.

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Day 55, Summer 27: Building a Barn

Day 55, Summer 27: Building a Barn

Bonus Post!

It’s a bountiful harvest today! I’ve got corn, melons, blueberries, radishes, and hops.


The two older chickens, Lunes and Martes, started laying large eggs today.


I tried putting one in the mayonnaise machine and it produced a gold-quality jar of mayo which will sell for 225g instead of 150. These are some profitable chickens!

After watering, I decided today would be a great day to upgrade to the steel watering can. Most of the crops will die off in a couple days, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t get watered tomorrow.

But first, I went to Robin’s shop to have her start work on the new barn.


With all of yesterday’s preparation I had the materials ready to go and my site picked out next to the silo.


Unfortunately she won’t be starting until the first of Fall. Tomorrow’s the second summer festival, the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies or something like that.

I went to the adventurer’s guild when it dawned on me that I never claimed my reward for exterminating the requisite number of bugs.

The old guy in the rocking chair congratulated Karl and gave him this:


Apparently I can swing a giant severed bug head as a weapon now. It’s a decent upgrade to the one I bought earlier so I’ll be using it despite its claimed unpleasantness.

And now over to the blacksmith for the next tool upgrade via the handy mine cart network.


I had a geode to open, so I remembered to do that before putting Clint to work (it just had an earth crystal).


And now I’m back to being broke. I just spent 11,000g. Hopefully all the crops I’m selling today will bump me back up a bit.

With my new transportation options I figured I could easily make some progress in the mine without staying out too late.


The new insect head sword makes short work of these slimes

I got to floor 55 with time to spare, so I ate some pancakes to boost foraging and then dug up every square of soft soil on 55 and 56.


I ended up with a total of twelve cave carrots, some clay and iron, and a new artifact: a skeletal tail.

Took the mine cart back home and went to bed feeling quite productive for the day.



Skill Progress:


There’s a third level of sprinkler?? I haven’t even made the second one yet!


Day 54, Summer 26: Cleanup

Day 54, Summer 26: Cleanup

I spent most of the day chopping wood and clearing weeds in the northwest corner of the farm, trying to get ready for the upcoming barn addition.

Here’s an overall view of the farm before today’s work:


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Day 53, Summer 25: The One That Got Away

Day 53, Summer 25: The One That Got Away

There’s a thunderstorm today – likely the last rain of the summer.


After a harvest of radishes and hot peppers (and hops), I decided to make it a fishing day.

I still don’t actually know if the rain affects fishing at all, but I had a good feeling about it and I’m determined to catch an octopus before the season ends.


Livin’ Off The Land makin’ me feel bad about upgrading the pick yesterday


I packed one of my peppers to deliver along the way, along with a leek for good measure.

After buying some wheat from Pierre (because there’s nothing else I can plant until fall), I gave them to George.


Despite his impatience, he’s at 4/10 friendship now.

At the beach, I reset my crab traps and bought some trout soup to try to maximize my chances of catching an octopus.

After a bunch of red snapper and red mullet, I had my chance.

I wrassled with this thing for almost a full minute. At one point I came this close to reeling it in, but…


It got the better of me.

Frustrated, I gave up on it for today and moved on to a new fishing spot. I divided the rest of the day between the forest river and the mountain lake.

Here’s the day’s catch:


  • 5 red mullet
  • 4 red snapper
  • 2 tilapia
  • 1 tuna


  • 4 pike
  • 4 chub
  • 1 dorado
  • 1 shad

Mountain Lake:

  • 5 bullhead
  • 3 chub
  • 3 carp

I also stopped by the community center after noticing I hadn’t turned in a red snapper yet, and it was the last thing in the Ocean Fish Bundle.


As a reward I got an item that can warp me to one of those strange statues I’ve always wondered about. Neat!


They’re one-time use though, so not nearly as good as the mine carts unless I have a way to get or make more of them.



Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Knee Therapy (1 hot pepper to George – 200g)

Bundle Completed:

Ocean Fish (Reward – 5 Warp Totem: Beach)

Day 52, Summer 24: Fast Travel

Day 52, Summer 24: Fast Travel

So last night, I did what I was hoping I’d never do – I stayed out until 2 AM. I got too eager to unlock the mine carts and forgot to allow time to run home. Karl still woke up in his own bed though, and the only thing that happened was a small fine from Joja Corp:


It looks like it’s just 10% of your currently held gold. Besides that, there don’t seem to be any other repercussions.

Marnie came by this morning asking for a cave carrot.


I’ve got plenty in the fridge since learning how to dig them up, so I put that on the to-do list for the day.

There’s also some melons ready for harvest a couple days early thanks to Speed-Gro. I’ll set one aside to give to Demetrius for his quest.


Here’s some more pine tar from my tapper. I’m going to need to tap a lot more pine trees so I can start using it to make kegs.

By the time the watering was done, Marnie’s ranch was open, so I delivered the cave carrot she requested.


Seems like an odd & inconsequential event to make a cutscene for. And I didn’t even get any reward!

I decided it’s time to start upgrading my tools again, with all the iron bars I’m getting.

A perfect time to test out the brand new mine cart transportation system!


It basically teleports you between the bus stop, the mine, and the east side of town near the blacksmith. I could see that saving a ton of time in many cases, especially when going to or from the mine.

With more mining in mind, I paid Clint the 5,000g to upgrade to a steel pickaxe.


Now that I think of it, I probably should’ve gone for the watering can first- there will be a storm tomorrow so it’s a rare opportunity for that. The new pick will let me clear out the big boulders on the farm though, and should hopefully help me find gold sooner.


More junk to be recycled! I can’t get enough

I spent some time waiting around for Demetrius to show up so I could finish my other quest (and hopefully get paid for it this time).

I finally found him walking toward his house after sundown.


This quest earned me 550g – thanks Demetrius for making it worth my while!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With the melons and all the stuff I didn’t get to sell yesterday, I came out with about 4,500g today, which almost pays for the new pickaxe.

Journal Progress:

Quest Complete: Crop Research (1 melon to Demetrius – 550g)

Quest Complete: Marnie’s Request (1 cave carrot to Marnie – friendship?)


Tomorrow’s weather: Thunderstorm

Day 51, Summer 23: The Boiler Room

Day 51, Summer 23: The Boiler Room

Today’s story will be told entirely with pictures! Hope you enjoy Karl’s latest adventure.


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Day 50, Summer 22: Buried Treasure

Day 50, Summer 22: Buried Treasure

It’s the 50th day at Joensuu Farm! The year’s almost halfway over. I think I’ve made some great progress so far.

My top 3 goals at the moment are:

  1. Get the mine carts up and running
  2. Get started clearing out the rest of the farm
  3. Build a barn

I made some spaghetti for breakfast (tomato & wheat flour). I learned that any ingredients you store in the refrigerator can be automatically used in cooking recipes without having to take them out. So anything I plan to use in cooking can just go straight into the fridge and I won’t have to worry about it.


I went outside to find a surprise at the recycling machine – a piece of refined quartz. I had put a broken CD in there the night before. I got out the other three CDs I had and tried them too. Each one gave me another refined quartz! Now that’s a useful discovery. It’s one of the three materials needed to make more sprinklers, along with iron and gold.


The preserves jar was also finished preserving, and got me a jar of blueberry jelly. I think it took three days to finish, so I’ll definitely need more of these if I want to make all my blueberries into jelly. I assume pale ale will take a similar amount of time, or maybe more, so I need to start hoarding ingredients to craft a bunch of kegs.

I found Leah in the general store and tried to make up for yesterday’s “pretty terrible” gift by offering her a plate of spaghetti.


Even though it’s not her favorite, at least now I know something she likes. I have plenty more tomatoes coming, so let’s see how much spaghetti she’ll take before getting tired of it.

Today’s plan is to go back into the mine and try to reach level 50 while collecting slime on the way.

To make things easier, I went shopping for a new weapon at the Adventurer’s Guild.


There was a whole range of types and prices to choose from, and almost all of them were better than my steel smallsword.

I went with the cutlass for 1,500g. It has much better damage while keeping a similar fast swing speed.



Killing slimes with relative ease now


I found plenty of iron ore on my way down, and a decent number of slimes.


Fighting over a rich iron ore deposit

At some point I took out my hoe and tried digging in the soft ground a bit.


Wow! I should’ve taken Penny’s advice way earlier. You can find all kinds of stuff from digging, including ores or in this case an entire gold bar.

I made it to floor 50 this time and was rewarded with a new pair of shoes:


They’re the same as my leather boots with a bit more defense.

Here’s all the loot from today’s mining expedition – much of it due to digging. I won’t be leaving the hoe at home anymore!

  • Rusty Spoon (artifact)
  • Dwarf Scroll III (artifact)
  • Gold Bar
  • 28 iron ore
  • 7 bat wings
  • 5 cave carrots
  • 2 frozen tears
  • winter root
  • frozen geode

I’m also up to 90 slimes. Just 9 more to go!



New Recipes Cooked:

  • Strange Bun
  • Spaghetti
  • Roots Platter