Day 28, Spring 28: Three Hundred Thirty-Three Parsnips

Day 28, Spring 28: Three Hundred Thirty-Three Parsnips

Joensuu Cave

Demetrius came over this morning with some exciting news.

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Since I already plan to plant fruit trees and I haven’t seen any other way to get mushrooms, I chose mushrooms.


Looking forward to see what shows up in here!

Monoculture Achieved


Today the Great Parsnip Experiment comes to a close. Since day 9 I’ve planted and shipped 300 parsnips. With today’s last batch of 20 and the ones shipped before I started the experiment, the grand total will come to 333 parsnips shipped and a total profit of about 6,000g.


I actually earned the achievement at the end of the day yesterday, but I wanted an extra batch so I’d have equal numbers of fertilized vs. unfertilized parsnips. Check out the final tally over at the parsnip page. I learned that basic fertilizer is actually really good, even better than Speed-Gro in most cases, especially given how easy it is to make.

I picked the tulips and jazz flowers and said farewell to the strawberry and bean plants. The farm is looking pretty sad now but I’m excited to get to work on the new summer crops tomorrow!

Sorry Harvey and Emily


Sure enough, I did miss a birthday yesterday because of Lewis blocking my view of the calendar. I’ll give Emily a flower today as a belated birthday present. Oh, I missed Harvey’s birthday too. That’s okay, he seems pretty reclusive so I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

With no farm work to do I was in town before anything was open. I killed some time talking to Shane, who is apparently my best friend now.


I offered him a cherry bomb and now he’s not my best friend anymore.


Now that Clint’s shop is open, it’s geode time again!


Shiny new Iridium Ore… can’t do anything with this yet but it looks fancy

Here’s what was in my 3 geodes and 5 Omni geodes:

  • Alamite
  • Soapstone
  • Thunder Egg
  • Orpiment
  • 3 Iridium Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • 10 Copper Ore
  • Clay

Donating the four new minerals unlocked another item for my home:


Soon I’ll need a bigger house to put all this stuff in. The big question right now is whether to get the house upgrade or the backpack upgrade next. With all the new stuff I’m finding, my pockets are feeling pretty small again.

I bought my apple tree seedling from Pierre! I almost had enough left over for a pomegranate tree (6,000 g) as well… but it’s more important to get a good start on the summer crops so I passed on that. I’ll see how the apple tree does before I decide whether to go for a full-on orchard next year.

Crab Pot Fail

I took a bulletin board request from Sebastian for an anchovy. On the way to the beach I checked one of my crab pots. Still nothing. Then I figured out why:



I feel dumb now. I took some bait off my fishing rod’s magical bait compartment and loaded it into all three traps.


Then I got lucky and got an anchovy on my first cast, so I have plenty of time left for a good mining expedition.


Just had to leave this here. This game hits you right in the feels sometimes

New Weapons in the Mine



I haven’t been using the cherry bombs I’ve found, so I fixed that today. When I’ve cleared out a level and still not found the stairs, bombs are a good way to break a ton of rocks at once and get to the next level quicker.


I broke a barrel and this carving knife fell out. It stabs really fast but it does piddly damage. I was debating whether to use it instead of the wooden sword, but I didn’t have to debate for long. Here’s what was in the center of that long spiral path on floor 19:


Since my inventory was full, you can see everything that dropped out of these. I guess that’s one benefit to my backpack woes.


Some topaz, amethyst, and coal here, and that stick in the upper left is a club that hits for 9 – 16 damage. But even that was rendered likely obsolete when I got to floor 20 and found the next treasure chest waiting for me.



I don’t know if that means swing speed or movement speed. It must be swing speed since I don’t think just carrying it around made me run faster.

There’s an underground lake here! I would try fishing, but with no room in my backpack I’ll just come back later. I unlocked the next elevator stop so my day’s mission is done.


There seems to be a lot of good loot in the mine, and my skill level ups are unlocking a bunch of things I can’t craft yet without some new metals so I have a big incentive to delve deeper down in the coming weeks. Summer is shaping up to be a very busy season.

See you on the solstice next Monday!




I heard a ding right after going to bed that means a quest was completed. That can only mean the coop is complete. I’m gonna get me some chickens!

 Achievement Unlocked:


Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Delivery (anchovy for Sebastian – 90g)

New Items Donated:



New recipe learned: Omelet

Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny

Day 27, Spring 27: Lots of Leeks

Day 27, Spring 27: Lots of Leeks

I woke up to a pleasant surprise today.


The wild spring seeds take 7 days to grow (planted on Day 20) and produce a random assortment of the four foraging items. It’s weird seeing all of these bunched up together in a row in front of my house. I wonder if I’ll get farming or foraging experience points for them?

I sold all except the leeks, which I’ll save to give to George since I know they’re his favorite thing, and with spring ending soon he won’t find any out in nature anymore. I have 12 leeks in storage now, enough for 6 weeks of gift giving. George might become Karl’s best friend soon.


What recipe? Did you forget the attachment?

The letter was just another one from Shane trying to share a recipe. He’s sent the same recipe like three times now, and each letter after the first one has had no effect since I’ve learned it already.


The cauliflower is ready today too, along with a really nice parsnip shipment:


This is going to be a highly profitable day – over 2,000g easily. It also marks my 300th parsnip shipped, so I’ll be earning the Monoculture achievement at the end of the day!

Letdown in the Forest


I ran down to Cindersap Forest remembering a fallen log that blocks off a new area. I still can’t break it though. I won’t be seeing what’s over there until at least one more axe upgrade.



I tapped an oak tree. That might be the most exciting part of the day

I wasted a lot of time today running around and chopping wood or something. I should have had plenty of time to break open my new geodes, donate the minerals, and clear five floors in the mine. I ended up getting to Clint’s just after 4 PM, missing store hours by seconds.


I blame Lewis. He was standing in front of the calendar for hours, blocking my view. Eventually I gave up – hope I didn’t miss a birthday today!

I donated the dwarf scroll at the museum. Nothing special happened, it seems it’s just another artifact that happens to come in different colors.


Nothing about the scroll? What does it say? It could be a map to a huge treasure hoard in a mountain!

I went mining after that, but it was too little too late. The floors are getting bigger so it’s taking longer to progress. There was even one floor that was “overrun with monsters”, where I had to kill every enemy in order to make the stairs appear.


Green means monsters

I met a new enemy, a big silver slime that splits into more green slimes when killed.

I got greedy trying to rush to floor 20, and almost ended up not making it home in time.


Floor 19 was mean – it was laid out like a huge spiral. There was no way I could make it to the center so I had to turn back.

Robin Sure Works Hard

I made it back home after 1 in the morning. Someone else was working even later:


Go home and get some sleep!

OK, I won’t complain about the time it takes to build the coop after seeing that level of dedication.




Items Donated:


Tomorrow’s weather: Pollen

Day 26, Spring 26: Building The Coop

Day 26, Spring 26: Building The Coop

Goals Update


Almost 9,000g saved up! Also, check out the cool standing geode in my house

Today’s the day I have enough materials and cash to finally hire Robin to build me a chicken coop.

In fact, I actually have enough money for two coops – or even better, a coop and an apple tree!

I have a couple more days to think it over, but for now that’s the plan. The timing couldn’t be better.


I finished all the watering by 9 AM today, which is a welcome change. I used some of the extra time to chop some more stumps and trees nearby, and then gathered up the 300 wood and 100 stone to bring to Robin’s.

Deliveries and Birthday Gifts


Word of Karl’s smallmouth-bass-delivery skills must be getting around. Even Willy wants a piece of the action now. I figured he’d just catch one himself, but maybe he only likes ocean fishing.

I accepted the quest thinking I could fit it into the day’s errands, and then paid Pierre a visit.


Today is Pierre’s birthday! I gave him a gold parsnip as thanks for selling me 320 parsnip seeds over the past couple weeks. The gift bumped him up to the Green Bubble Club where he joins Mayor Lewis and Shane.


I went to the river next, knowing that the best way to fail a delivery quest is to put it off until later. Two sunfish later I found the bass I was looking for, along with a treasure chest containing a geode. I gave it to Willy at the fish shop, got paid, and sold him the sunfish while I was there. I planned on a mine visit so I needed my backpack mostly empty.


This must’ve been the fastest delivery I’ve ever done. Only two in-game hours from accepting the quest to collecting the reward!

I also confirmed that my profession bonus kicks in when selling to shopkeepers too – not just at the shipping box. If you look at the screenshot above, those sunfish would’ve been 30g each before becoming a Fisher and are now increased to 37g.

Checking the Crab Pots


Coming up empty on all three counts

Neither one of my ocean & river crab pots seemed to have anything in them. The instructions did say to check them the next day… am I missing something? Maybe I’m expected to just check on them every day and if I’m lucky I’ll have caught something. If that’s the case I’m glad I didn’t pick Trapper as a profession.

Later on I checked the other crab pot at the mountain lake – nothing in there, either.

Mudstone and Starfruit

My day keeps getting interrupted by little things to take care of before going to see Robin. But the day is still young and so far it’s been productive. Let’s see what was in that geode caught while fishing:


Petrified mud inside a hollow rock shell – it’s like a geological chocolate eclair

Gunther identified it as a mudstone, and gave me another reward for donating it. That’s three museum rewards in two days!


Another seed I’ve never heard of before, and it only gave me one so it must be rare. Great timing with summer around the corner though! I wonder if I’ll regret it later if I just sell the fruit… I’m kind of obsessed with filling up that collection page.

At 3 PM I finally made my way up to Robin’s workshop.


When nature calls… for the removal of unsightly tree stumps

For some reason the game won’t let me chop down these tree stumps. Who cut the trees though? I feel like they weren’t always like this.


It’s finally time to get some animals on the farm (*cough* some more animals, of course I wouldn’t forget you Sandor).


I’m supposed to decide where to put it. Hmm… I doubt I’ll be able to move it later so this is actually somewhat important. I think it’ll be good over on the other side of my little path:



I also bought a wooden brazier recipe while I was here. It was only 250g and it’ll be nice to have some better lighting than just torches stuck in the ground.

The Dwarf Scrolls

I wanted to spend the rest of the day delving to a lower elevator floor in the mine. I got started at 4:30, but didn’t have great luck finding ladders so I only reached level 18. I might have left anyway though – level 18 was spookier than anything I’d seen before.



I left after killing this first slime, but it dropped a new and intriguing artifact:


This is the first I’m hearing anything about dwarves. Will I be able to read it? Did the dwarves have their own runic alphabet like the Junimo?

These are questions best left for another day. For now there’s one last thing I can do before going to bed. I lucked out and found both a quartz and an earth crystal in the mine, which means I can complete another bundle in the community center!


I had a brain fart and donated the silver versions of these instead of the normal ones

I’m not sure how long it would’ve taken to find the frozen tear and fire quartz if it hadn’t been for some lucky fishing a few days ago. But now I’m 1/3 of the way to fixing the minecarts, and I got this for finishing the Geologist’s Bundle:


The next room to open up was the Vault:


The vault is just a big money sink where you bundle up varying amounts of hard-earned gold ranging from 2,500g up to 25,000g. I probably won’t invest in any of these until I have a much higher income level, but the reward does look interesting – “Bus Repair”. Apparently the bus broke down as soon as Karl got off of it. Well, that would explain why it’s just sitting there all the time. I wonder where it will go…



Today’s parsnips (unfertilized):20160608_045206.png

Total earnings: 1,028g

Skill Progress:



Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Willy – 150g and +1 friendship)

New Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny

Day 25, Spring 25: Museum Jackpot

Day 25, Spring 25: Museum Jackpot

I am getting rich really fast now. As soon as I get the new axe, it’s going to be time to chop trees nonstop until I have enough wood for the chicken coop. That’s basically my game plan for these last few days of Spring.

With the leftover money, I’ll be able to buy all the summer seeds I need to get lots of crops going right away.

Or, on second thought…


Today’s episode of Livin’ Off The Land

If I still have lots of cash after buying the coop, it may be worthwhile to buy an apple tree to plant on the first of summer. It has a hefty 4,000g price tag that won’t start paying off until the end of September. But if I don’t plant any trees for the fall, I’ll have to wait all the way until Year 2 for the next opportunity. Wow, talk about a decision with long-term ramifications.


I’d like to start off the summer with at least one chicken and a bare minimum of 2,500g for buying seeds. If I still have the 4,000 saved up beyond that, I’ll plant an apple sapling!

No More Planting

Today’s the first day since mid-April that I haven’t replanted after picking my twenty parsnips. With 320 parsnips planted, the monoculture experiment is winding down. I’ll have the achievement after two more days! It’s going to be sad seeing all that bare ground again.


The second batch of strawberries was here today. That’s four days between harvests, which unfortunately means these are the last strawberries I’ll get. If I could have just planted them one day sooner I’d have gotten an extra 660g of profit out of them. I kept one out of the five thinking it could make a good gift for Leah.


The lonely cauliflower over here was also ready, so I’ll be making a trip to the community center to complete the Spring Crops bundle.

I gathered up my crab pots, geodes, and ancient seed and set off into town.

I have three crab pots, so river, lake, ocean seems like the obvious way to place them.


First crab pot in the river south of town

While at the river I was able to pretty quickly fish up a smallmouth bass – I have a delivery request from Elliott for it.

Copper Axe


My shiny new axe was ready. I’ll be testing it out back at the farm later.

I had Clint crack open all six geodes (3 regular and 3 Frozen) with pretty good results:

  • Calcite
  • 8 stones
  • Sandstone
  • Geminite
  • Frozen Tear


The geminite (out of a frozen geode) had a sparkly effect and played a little jingle – maybe that means it’s more rare?

Also out of a frozen geode I got a Frozen Tear. I recognized it from the geologist’s bundle so I’m going to add it there before putting it in the museum. They both have good rewards, but I like discovering what the bundles do so I’m prioritizing the community center over the museum collection where possible.

Museum Double Rewards


Donating my 11th mineral unlocked a new reward. Then when I donated the Ancient Seed, another reward popped up.


I received an actual, plantable Ancient Seed, a recipe for turning more artifact Ancient Seeds into plantable ones, and this neat piece of furniture.

I’m excited to plant this mysterious seed – I should probably wait until summer starts in case the seasonal change destroys it or something.


I went looking for Elliott at the beach, but I’m not allowed in. It seems that, like Leah, when his bedroom is his entire house I can’t go in at all until we are “friends”. No idea how many points are considered friendship though.


Second crab pot at the pier

As an interesting aside, I found my campfire still here from a couple days ago – I had left it when my inventory was full, expecting it to disappear like the forge did. I guess if it’s not private property, you can leave things placed on the ground overnight. I still plan on keeping all the valuable stuff on the farm though, just in case.

My next goal was to keep an eye out for Elliott while heading toward the community center.

I didn’t see him, but I gave out a couple daffodils along the way.



Granny Evelyn says she might share her cookie recipe when she likes me more


My wife does this too!

Another Bundle Complete

Turning in the cauliflower finished up the Spring Crops bundle. Reward was 20 Speed-Gro fertilizers, and another set of bundles opened up: the Bulletin Board.


The prize for completing all five of these just says “Friendship ♥”.


It looks like this one is themed after assisting the townspeople by giving them stuff to help them achieve their dreams – for example, Gus becoming a master chef.

Most of these ingredients seem pretty rare, but I might use this as a sort of guide for giving gifts to these folks.


Last crab pot at the mountain lake

Finding Elliott

After placing the third crab pot I went back to town to look for Elliott.


I got lucky and intercepted him on his way back toward the beach. An easy 150g!

Chopping Wood

After finishing everything I had planned for the day, it was only 6 PM. I went back home and used the rest of my energy chopping up wood for the coop.


I can finally chop up these big stumps! This one won’t be in the way of my path anymore.


It’s nice that it comes off the tree already bottled and labeled for me

I also went to check on the tappers, and it’s a good thing I did, since I got my first bottle of maple syrup today.

I got plenty of wood – tomorrow it’s coop-building time!



Today’s Parsnips (fertilized):


Skill Progress:


I got a level in fishing after only catching two things today. Again, without collecting any crab pots yet it’s hard to know how good being a Trapper would be. I’m really enjoying the fishing in this game, and 25% is a pretty big bonus. Karl the tilling fisherman!

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Elliott – 150g and 1/10 friendship)

Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny

Day 24, Spring 24: Flower Dance

Day 24, Spring 24: Flower Dance

Today is the Flower Dance. I’m supposed to go to the forest between 9 and 2. Last time for the Egg Festival, there was no clock at the actual event and I showed up back home at 10 PM after it was over. There seems to be no benefit to arriving early, so I might as well get some errands done in the morning.

Final Parsnip Planting


Scarecrow, you da real MVP for not letting a single parsnip die to crows

This is it, my last batch of 20 parsnips to plant. After today there won’t be anything to plant until summer.

The patch of Speed-Gro already deteriorated so I won’t be able to try a parsnip there. I guess I could try planting one tomorrow, since I’m hoping for it to grow in three days. If it doesn’t, it’ll only be a 120g experiment.

The rest of the potatoes were also ready, so that’ll add an extra 500g to the day’s income. Out of the six potatoes I’ve planted, I’ve harvested eight. It seems like they would have been a highly profitable crop for me if I wasn’t so committed to parsnips.


I wanted to allow time for a trip into town before going to the event, so I did half my watering and then filled up my pack with stuff to take to the community center, blacksmith, and museum.

Another Bundle Complete

I’ve been storing up a bunch of stuff to add to the community center bundles, so I brought it all over after realizing I had enough for my next bundle.


Funnily enough, I finished the Crab Pot bundle without ever placing a crab pot. The shells were all found on the beach and the crab was the corpse of one of those hermit crab enemies in the mine.

My reward: 3 crab pots! Now I can actually try using them.

As a Junimo brought the bundle over to his little hut, the boiler room was unlocked. It contains three new bundles and a very tempting reward:


The other two are the Geologist’s Bundle and Adventurer’s Bundle

The newly available Geologist’s Bundle asks for a Fire Quartz so I put that in immediately – I’ll have to find another one for the museum.

I also deposited a potato for the Spring Crops Bundle (as soon as I get another cauliflower that’ll be complete) and five gold parsnips for the Quality Crops Bundle.

For the Fish Tank, I put in an eel, bullhead, and shad.

Where Is Everybody

It’s been a couple days and my new axe should be ready. I went to pick it up… but Clint’s shop was closed. I know he’s probably already at the dance but I’m impatient! I want to see what’s in the geodes too.

Oh well, Gunther doesn’t attend town events so at least I should be able to get into the museum.


See that at the lower right corner? That’s Abigail going into the museum. Now here’s Karl a moment later:


Is there something fishy going on here? Clearly there is, I mean it’s not like this is the result of a programmer setting all town buildings to closed while still letting NPCs go about their regular routines or anything…

Abigail Might Be A Witch

So Abigail walks into the museum and locks the door, at which point I immediately start running to the Flower Dance. It’s directly west of here and I took the straight line path, not encountering anyone with purple hair along the way.

I walk into the party, and who do I see standing over by the food table?


Presented for your careful consideration

All I know is, the mine carts are broken, I haven’t seen anyone drive a car, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Abigail did somehow win the egg hunt by a large margin. All the evidence points to some weird stuff going down in this town.

The Most Depressing Holiday

The Flower Dance consists of all the single ladies lined up on one side and all the single men on the other, so if you want to participate you have to find a partner. Surely one of the five eligible women will want to dance with Karl?


My gift game was not strong enough. There’s always next year I guess.


Day 23, Spring 23: Karl’s Day Off

Day 23, Spring 23: Karl’s Day Off

Happy Memorial Day!

I was thinking it might be nice to have the Flower Dance line up with today, but it’s actually a neat coincidence that it happened to rain in Stardew Valley for the first time in about ten days.


Since Karl has been spending 6 hours a day farming lately, this rain essentially gave him the whole day off, and it’s on the same day that I also get a holiday away from work.

After shipping and replanting parsnips, Karl is going to spend the whole day fishing. I’ve learned a couple new tips recently – first that I might catch different fish when it’s raining, and second that different fish live at different distances from the shore. I’m going to try a few different fishing spots and see how well I can do.

You can see above that the Spring Seeds have finally sprouted on the third day. That’s a relief, but still a little concerning that they may not be mature in time.

Speed-Gro Results


The potato I planted with Speed-Gro fertilizer is ready for harvest one day before all the rest – the experiment was a success! Tomorrow I think I’ll try planting a parsnip here. As an added bonus, I got two potatoes out of it.


Today’s fortune was good. I’m hoping to find some new fish I haven’t caught before, so hopefully this will make them more likely to bite.

Morning: Cindersap Lake


Already relaxing by the lake at 7:30 AM – rainy days sure are nice

This is the earliest Karl has gone out fishing by far. First stop was the small lake in Cindersap Forest, south of the farm. The last time I tried fishing here, I found only trash. Now I have a higher skill level, a better rod, and bait, so it was time for another round.

The first thing I caught was a Joja Cola, but then the next three casts all hooked smallmouth bass – one gold-quality and two silver. At least I know this lake isn’t completely empty.

After that I started finding just trash and algae for a while, so I decided to move on. I’m also trying to alternate between long casts and short ones, but over the course of the day I didn’t really notice any patterns.

Afternoon: River Mouth


Right by the hat mouse house here

From this little island in the river I caught some chub and then unlocked a new achievement for catching 100 fish (algae and seaweed must count as fish for this total):


Since I was right near the hat mouse I went to look at his new hats.


Good Ol’ Cap is for “Greenhorn” achievement, Watermelon Band for “Mother Catch”

The hats don’t seem to do anything, but I’m pretty sure I’ll buy the Monoculture one so I can show off my Spring Year 1 parsnip growing skills.

A little further downstream near the river mouth I had my first new catch of the day:


This thing is huge


I have a hunch that these showed up when my bobber was over the deeper-looking water. I  tried the same spot and caught two more of them before continuing on to do some ocean fishing. I also found a chest with three Frozen Geodes in it. I’m intrigued to see what comes out of those when I take them to Clint.

Evening: Beach


Knowing that “distance from shore” is a thing that affects which fish bites, I tried casting from the beach rather than going out onto the pier. At first it was just some sardines, but then after 6 PM I started finding eels.

This is one more to add to the night fishing bundle, and it sells for a lot – I found a gold one that brought in 127g.


Campfire once again essential for taking screenshots

Halibut was the last new catch of the day. I found two, one from the beach and one over here by the Lonely Stone.

Stardrop Saloon

Figured I shouldn’t go the entire day without speaking to anyone, so I stopped by here around 10:00. For a Tuesday night there were plenty of people there, including Willy and Leah who I haven’t seen there before.


I took the opportunity to give Leah another dandelion.


Put your Friend Points where your mouth is Leah!

For the second time it seemed to have no effect, despite her reaction. Darn, I was hoping to at least get the bubble to turn green. At this rate, there might not be any ladies willing to dance with Karl at tomorrow’s dance…

I’ll have to look for a better gift next time.

Karl The Tiller

In an unexpected twist, I got a level-up that I expected to be Fishing but was Farming instead. Now that I’m level 5, I’m supposed to pick a profession!


All those parsnips have really added up

There’s an obvious choice here given that I’ve sold exactly zero animal products so far and have yet to even obtain any animals besides a dog. I wish I at least had the chicken coop before having to make this decision – what if I love animal husbandry and I don’t want to do much farming anymore?

I had to go with Tiller though, as I knew for sure it would start providing value right away, with still more parsnips to ship and a big batch of cauliflower and melons coming up.


And by right away, I mean at the very next screen! Each parsnip is immediately worth 3, 4, or 5 more gold depending on quality. Can’t go wrong there.

Fishing profits almost broke 1,000g. In fact, the only reason they didn’t was because my inventory filled up before the end of the day and I had to throw some back.

Fishing Day Summary

Here’s a list of everything notable I found today, excluding things like trash, algae, and coal.


  • 3 smallmouth bass
  • 3 chub
  • 3 shad
  • 4 sardine
  • 3 eel
  • 2 halibut
  • 1 herring

Treasure Chests:

  • 3 geodes
  • 3 frozen geodes
  • fire quartz (mineral)
  • ancient seed (artifact)

On the beach:

  • 2 clams
  • oyster
  • cockle

Today’s Parsnips:


See you next time for the Flower Dance.

Day 22, Spring 22: Axe Upgrade

Day 22, Spring 22: Axe Upgrade

A New Fishing Tip

Today is Monday again – the final week of Spring. The latest episode of Livin’ Off The Land was all about fishing, with some things I already knew and one really interesting thing I didn’t.


Huh – so I don’t just need to try to hit “MAX” with each cast. I wonder if there are a bunch of fish close to shore that I’ve been missing out on?


Karl is really bad about writing and calling his Mom

An unexpected freebie in the mail left me with almost 6,000g in my wallet! That’s definitely the most I’ve had so far. It’s a little tempting to just go straight for the coop purchase today, but I’m going to stick to the plan and go get that copper axe first (besides, I don’t think I have enough wood for the coop yet).


The spring seeds are still not sprouting but I’ll keep on trying. Hopefully I’m not watering them in vain. Also, it looks like a crow ate one of my blue jazz flowers or something, since I know it was there yesterday and I didn’t pick it. Must be a bit too far from the scarecrow.


It’s really good to know that he is successfully protecting my more valuable crops though.

Giving Some Gifts

I knew Leah does her shopping on Monday afternoons so I brought a gold-star dandelion with me to town. I found her just before she went into Pierre’s store.


She seemed really happy, but her friendship level stayed at 1/10. Is she just being polite? Maybe she doesn’t like dandelions as much as I thought.


I also remembered Evelyn’s little secret about George and brought him a gold leek I’d been saving.


Thanks for the tip Granny Evelyn

Another friendship in progress – this day is going great so far. I wonder if everyone has a “favorite” gift like George does that’ll make them love you faster. I wonder if anyone will find out Karl’s favorite thing and give it to him as a surprise? A nice slice of pie sounds really good right now…

Bass Request #3

This time it’s Haley asking to buy a fish, but she wants a smallmouth bass instead (she must have smaller feet). It offers only half the reward, but I know these can be pretty easily found in the river so it shouldn’t take too long today.


I went to Pierre’s to pick up the last 40 parsnip seeds for the Monoculture Experiment. I only need to plant tomorrow and Wednesday and then I’ll be done with all my Spring farming! I should be hitting 300 parsnips shipped either Friday or Saturday. After this little hurrah moment it was finally time to go see a man about an axe.

Axe Upgrade, Third Time’s The Charm


I was half expecting something disastrous to happen like Clint being closed on Monday or doubling his prices just to spite me, but nope – this time I did everything right and the purchase went off without a hitch. I just handed Clint the 2,000g, five copper bars and my axe, and I’ll come back in a couple days to pick up the new one. A bit anticlimactic, really.

Fishing Exhaustion

Just outside the shop I started fishing for Haley’s bass. I accidentally cast one two many times before eating a snack, and over-exerted myself.


Oops… He’ll feel that one in the morning

Eating allowed me to keep going, but the little blue sad face remained, which means I’ll be waking up with half energy tomorrow. I think the only way to cure that is a 1,000g medicine from Harvey – not in my budget right now!

I was pretty lucky and caught a smallmouth bass quickly. Heading back across the river I spotted an unusual disturbance in the water, so naturally I tried casting my line into it.


Sparkles means it worked, right?

The fish bit right away, but other than that I don’t think it does anything special. Maybe there are some rare fish that can only be found in these spots, but this time I caught two smallmouth bass and a Joja Cola.

I ran over to Haley’s house with my fresh catch, but found Emily there instead.


To kill some time I went outside to talk to some people, do a bit of foraging and shake some trees.


Presumably Sam is Vincent’s big brother


When I got back to Haley & Emily’s house, Emily had gone to work and Haley was back home – great timing. It’s nice to be able to quickly knock out a delivery quest the same day like this.


Another 150g richer

I also gave her a daffodil before leaving.

There were a few hours left in the day, so I spent what little energy I had left digging up pine cones.


This is the southwest corner of the farm. I wonder if I’ll ever get all this cleared out. The new axe will help.

Until I get my axe back, this and shaking trees are the only ways to get seeds for field snacks.

It was a pretty leisurely day today. Tomorrow will be even more so with rain in the forecast. I haven’t had a rainy day since I first planted my parsnip plots ten days ago! It’ll be great to have almost the entire morning free again.



Today’s Parsnips (unfertilized): 20160513_070402.pngTotal income: 1,116g

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Haley – 150g)


Tomorrow’s weather: Rain