Day 0, Prologue: Meet Karl

Day 0, Prologue: Meet Karl

It’s Day Zero of my Year in Stardew Valley! Why start with zero?

  • Day 1 will be the first day of Spring (and first full day on the farm)
  • Today is just making the character and doing the prologue before the game proper
  • I like programmer numbering

Time to boot up Stardew Valley.exe and begin a new game.

Introducing Karl

Of course the first thing to do is create a character. I’ll admit that most of the time I just go with the defaults or a randomized one, name it after myself and call it good. Usually I’d rather just get right into the actual game. Since I’ll have to look at this guy for a year though, I should probably try to customize him at least a little.

This is Karl:p01

p02Karl likes pie. I have no idea what effect (if any) this has on the game. But who doesn’t like pie?



He’s definitely a dog person.



Nothing too crazy with the clothing and colors. Suspenders seem like something a farmer named Karl could pull off. Went with a little darker blue on his jeans. He has a mustache, mostly because I wish I could grow a nice mustache.

I’m happy with that. And so we’re off to start a new game of Stardew Valley!

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