Day 66, Fall 10: Meteorite


A good fortune means I’ll do some fishing this afternoon and hope for something good.


Emily is starting to send letters. Friendship is progressing as planned :)


Whoa. This big hunk of rock must have landed in the field overnight. I can’t do anything until I have at least a gold pickaxe. That’ll be a while because I want more sprinklers first…


First amaranth harvest. The quality fertilizer is doing its job – I got exclusively star-quality produce today.


I brought one down to Marnie to finish that quest for a 500g reward.



My next tool upgrade

I ate another Dish o’ the Sea and did a bunch of fishing in the mountain lake. Nothing that I haven’t caught before though.

I did finally find a spot to pan for ore!


Today’s fishing haul, along with some farm products, was enough to pay for the steel axe upgrade:





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