Day 65, Fall 9: Legendary


I have a week to prepare my best stuff to show off at next week’s fair, so that will be what I’m focusing on until then.


The cows aren’t listed as “baby” anymore, which means I should be able to start milking them! Time to go get the pail:



I looked through the crafting menu and saw I had the materials for my second keg and a cheese maker. I have two beers brewing at once now, and I saved one of the milk bottles to turn into cheese.

I was a little later getting into town so Emily was already at the saloon. No gift today, but she did go up a friendship level just from saying hi.


I walked most of the length of the river looking for a spot to pan for ore. I didn’t find any, so I ate a “Dish o’ the Sea” and spent the evening fishing.

Even with +3 fishing skill, one of the fish I hooked put up a real fight. After reeling it in I found out why:


I wonder how many legendary fish there are?

Wow! This thing sells for 900g before adding the skill bonus, and it was a silver quality on top of that.


With almost maxed out skill, most other fish basically caught themselves.




1,400g for one fish! I’m going to try the Dish o’ the Sea in some other locations next time I have a lucky fortune…


This is the first ancient fruit I’ve sold. Along with all these artisan goods it really starts adding up

Even with minimal crops sold I ended up netting a very good income for the day.


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