Day 64, Fall 8: Panning for Ore


I caught this on TV in the morning – it’s a good heads-up that I should probably start saving some of my gold-star crops and other quality items.

Another lost item request in the mailbox today:


I kept an eye out for it as I ventured up to the mountains to check out the spot where that boulder used to be.


Willy beat me there and showed me where there was something shiny in the river.

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Looks like I can start panning for gold now. At least, I hope there will be gold – Willy didn’t specify what kind of ore it was, but I’m hoping to get some new sprinklers installed soon!


I walked all along the river without finding any shimmering spots for panning, so I gave up the search and went to visit Emily before she left for work.

She liked the blueberry tart, though not at much as yesterday’s aquamarine.


Still not progressing past 2/10 though… what other blue things can I find?

And now I’m at the weekly two-gift limit again, so I have until next Sunday to either mine for more aquamarines or try to find something else she’ll like.

One of my mixed seeds grew into an artichoke, which is a new crop that Pierre doesn’t sell. I put it into the seed maker and got two more back, which I planted with some quality fertilizer. They take 8 days to grow.

Lewis posted on the bulletin board asking for a sea cucumber to be delivered by the end of the day. I did some fishing in the ocean and ended up finding a super cucumber, but no regular ones.




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