Day 63, Fall 7: Fish Tank

Today was focused on completing some new bundles.

I had Demetrius’ “Researcher’s Bundle” ready to turn in, and I just needed a blackberry to complete the Fall Foraging Bundle.


While searching Cindersap Forest for a blackberry, I found the weekly caravan was here today. Remembering the lucky find from last time I shopped at the caravan, I knew I had to check what he was selling.


Lo and behold, he actually had the one fish I’d been missing: a sandfish, for only 300g! I snatched it up, along with a blackberry that was nearby, and went to the community center with all my bundles.


  • Fall Foraging Bundle – reward: 30 Fall Seeds


  • Field Research Bundle – reward: Recycling Machine (already have one…)

I also added a poppy to the Chef’s Bundle (Gus) and an aquamarine to the Dye Bundle (Emily). I have a second aquamarine, so I should try giving it to Emily after this. She would probably like it, right?

Finally, completing the Fish Tank:


  • Specialty Fish Bundle – reward: 5 Dish O’ The Sea (food that gives +3 Fishing bonus)


Just like with the boiler room, the Junimos all came out to celebrate and added a second star up on the wall.


After going to bed, I got to witness them doing their little magical dance around the “glittering boulder” which is at the mouth of the river up by the mines. Can’t wait to check it out tomorrow to see what’s changed!


Oh, and Emily loved the aquamarine.


She even had a speech bubble with a little heart in it when Karl gave it to her. I think it’s safe to say it’s one of her favorite things.



I shipped some Pickled Corn today (150g). Apparently you can put vegetables into the preserves jar and pickle them!

Items Donated:



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