Day 62, Fall 6: Karl the Mediator

Check out today’s eggplant harvest with the Quality Fertilizer – only 2 out of 12 were of regular quality, with 6 silver and 4 gold ones.


All four of the chickens are unhappy today and didn’t lay any eggs. I think this means they aren’t finding food on their own. I put some feed in their trough for now, but I think I’ll relocate the coop next to the barn so they can find the grass again.


I went to say hi to Emily in the morning, but was instead greeted by another cutscene.

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Karl was offered the choice to settle their silly little dispute:


I would’ve picked the first option, but I wasn’t sure if it would be directed at Haley or Emily.

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It’s been a while since I’ve done any mining, so I made my way up there for the rest of the day.

Oh, I remembered to stop at Robin’s to move the coop first:


I love not having to think too much when placing a building now. No more commitment!


I made it to level 60 in the mine and came out with a completely full backpack, including a new weapon from the treasure chest:


I tried it out though, and it seems pretty underwhelming. I’ll sell it and stick with the bug mandible for now.



Notable loot from the mine:

  • 2 solar essence
  • 2 aquamarine
  • 2 jade
  • 2 frozen geodes
  • 4 hardwood
  • a Rusty Cog artifact


Tomorrows weather: Cloudy/Windy



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