Day 61, Fall 5: Emily’s Dream

Here’s today’s harvest:

The first bunch of bok choy and eggplant, and the apple tree is finally producing! That pale ale will go to Pam today for her quest. I replanted with sunflowers now that I can afford the seeds.

I took a blueberry from the fridge to give to Emily – going off my hunch that blue is her favorite color. I also baked her a blueberry tart in case she thinks a single berry is kind of a lame gift (which it probably is).

When I got to her house around noon, she was still sleeping.


Of course, that didn’t stop Karl from walking right in. I didn’t expect this next part though…


She’s in some kind of funky dream world?



“I came all the way here…”


“…into your mind…”


“…to give you a blueberry.”



She’s going to HAVE to pay attention to me now! Nice!

Well, that was strange. After this odd encounter it seemed a little awkward to offer her a blueberry, but she didn’t seem to mind and gave a polite “Thanks!”

I found Pam at Jojamart and delivered the Pale Ale she requested.


She paid 350g for it and now likes me 50% more. The first satisfied customer – now it’s time to ramp up production.

I spent the rest of the day on Project Oak Resin, which is phase one of Joensuu Brewing Company. I tapped eight oak trees on the west side of the farm while clearing out the area around them.

Here’s the farm overview 61 days after moving in:


Where that grass is in the center, I’m thinking I should fence it in as a pasture for the animals and move the coop closer.



Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Pam is Thirsty – 350g


Tomorrow’s weather: Rain



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