Day 60, Fall 4: Version 1.1 is Here

New Developments in the Valley


Since the last post, Stardew Valley has released its latest update to version 1.1 with a bunch of changes and improvements to the game. I haven’t read the full patch notes to avoid spoiling later parts of the game, but here are some things I’ve noticed so far:

  • You can change the color of your chests
  • Robin can move farm buildings for you – for free!
  • There are two new buildings available – a mill and a shed
  • Shane and Emily are now single


I think Karl and Emily would make a good couple (definitely much better than Karl and Leah after the recent developments). Feel free to let me know if you agree/disagree!

I haven’t done a whole lot with the social part of the game yet, so I’m thinking that Karl will start making an effort to get to know Emily. It’s probably highly unlikely that they could get married by the end of the year, but who knows?


I did the last bit of fishing needed to make the rest of the Quality Fertilizer for the farm plot. I bought cranberry seeds from Pierre and started running out of cash, so I had to settle on more yams to finish the day’s planting.

Totally Not Stalking Emily


So she leaves for work at 3:30 on Thursdays…

I have to confess, I’m not very good at the “role-playing” part of RPGs. I just can’t help thinking about the systems and programming that went into making the game. I’m the type of person who keeps a spreadsheet when playing Morrowind to plan out my preferred distribution of stat points at each level-up.

Basically I’m not going to try hard to play according to Karl’s backstory or character traits since he doesn’t really have any. As long as I’m operating within the systems that the game developer put in place and having fun with it, I feel like I’m playing it properly.


It seems that Clint will be Karl’s romantic rival now. I’m fine with that; I haven’t liked him ever since he stole my forge

So: building a friendship with someone in Stardew Valley seems to be partly about talking to them regularly and mostly about figuring out what kind of gifts they like most.

Unfortunately, since there’s no way to ask Emily on a date or ask what she likes, this is going to involve following her around for a while and going through her stuff to look for clues.


She lives with her sister Haley, so this could be either one of their groceries


I offered her a Blue Jazz flower thinking if she dyed her hair blue she must like the color (there’s also some blue cloth on the table in her room).


This is already going well! With the 2/10 friendship now, I can go into her room and do some more snooping.


Always good to see someone using good password practices

I learned that she has an old friend from her past named Sandy, she listens to freeform dance rhythms, and sewing might be one of her hobbies. She seems to be interested in the desert based on the cactus and the painting of sand dunes.

That was the only Blue Jazz I had, so the knowledge that she likes those isn’t much good until next Spring. I plan to try giving her blueberries (or even blueberry tarts or jam) next.

Future plans for the farm: now that I have everything planted, it’s time to start tapping as many oak trees as I can. I’d also like to build some sort of pasture to contain the grass, and move the coop and barn so that the cows and chickens are enclosed within the fence to graze. The rest of the grass outside will be cut to store fodder for the winter.



Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Delivery (1 blackberry to Haley – 60g)

Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Cloudy & Windy




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