Day 59, Fall 3: Cow Shopping & Beer

I continued to work on making quality fertilizer, doing a bunch of fishing in the ocean this time.


I found three new “fish”: Sea Cucumber, Super Cucumber, and Albacore. Besides those, there were tons of sardines and anchovies.

I planted 9 amaranth seeds, but the really exciting part of the day was over on the animal husbandry side of things.


The barn is complete! I immediately went to Marnie’s ranch to go fill it up with cows.


I named them Jane, Ellie, Claire, and Mae. The four baby cows, plus a milk pail, totaled 7,000g. I’m back to being almost broke!



There will be some big money coming in later in the season though. The apple tree should be bearing fruit any day now, and hopefully the cows will grow up quickly.


Speaking of big money, I finished brewing my first pale ale! It was of regular quality even though I used golden hops, but it still sold for 300g. I have 165 bunches of hops left in storage, which means when they’re all turned into beer they’ll be worth just shy of 50,000g. The only obstacle is the number of kegs that will be needed – which is why Operation Oak Resin will be commencing shortly.


I happened to stop by Leah’s cottage which triggered a little cutscene with her.

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Karl is still bitter about that painting he tried to give Leah, so he didn’t even bother trying to woo her by giving the answers she wanted. He just spoke his mind and got out of there. She claims to appreciate art and the beauty of nature, yet she threw away a beautiful painting of nature and said it was a terrible gift!

It was then that Karl realized that he had lost all romantic interest in Leah. I’m not sure why he thought they had so much in common anyway – really they just both happen to enjoy adding wild roots and berries to their salads. Besides, brunettes aren’t really his type.

He resolved to just enjoy his bachelor life of farming, fishing, and mining – although, there was a certain blue-haired lady that had caught his eye recently…



Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Cow’s Delight (1 Amaranth to Marnie)


Tomorrow’s weather: Cloudy & windy


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