Day 58, Fall 2: A Rare Mistake

I opened up one of my storage chests to discover something terrible this morning.



I forgot to plant this yesterday! Am I completely screwed until next year?

If I try planting it today and it dies the day before it can be harvested, I’ll be devastated.

But I also don’t want to hold onto this thing for a whole year! I thought of one thing I could try that might just save the day…


Speed-Gro! Theoretically it should cut down a 28-day growth time to 25 days, allowing me to harvest before winter. Will it work? I’ll get back to you in December after I find out.


I also picked my first Ancient Fruit today. What to do with it? Typically I’d always sell the first one to make sure I get it in my collection, but I do have a second one on the way.

I decided to test out a new piece of machinery I crafted yesterday: the Seed Maker.


A couple hours later, out popped… one Ancient Seed. I was hoping for at least two, so I’d be able to start multiplying my crops. However, the ancient plant is still there, so I believe it will produce more fruits periodically.

I got an oak resin from my tapper today, which means I can make my first keg! I put some gold-quality hops in it for the inaugural brewing.


What’s left for today? Well, I’d like to plant more pumpkins since if I do that today I can replant on the 15th for a second harvest on Fall 28.

But I’m out of Quality Fertilizer, and if pumpkins are anything like last season’s melons, fertilizing them is basically a must. Off to do more fishing!


I tried the river this time, and almost immediately caught my first Tiger Trout. By early evening I’d also discovered catfish and walleye.

Rather than putting these new fish straight into fertilizer, I stopped by the community center to see which bundles they could go into. It turns out, those were the exact three fish I needed to finish both the River Fish and the Night Fishing bundles!


In fact, there’s now only one fish I need to complete the whole tank: a Sandfish. I bet those will be found in the desert, which means I need to get the bus repaired before I can find one (barring any good luck with the traveling merchant).

To repair the bus, I’ll need to complete the Vault, which will cost a grand total of 42,500g – yikes. I bought the 2,500g one just for kicks, and got some chocolate cake as a reward.


One of my other rewards was a ring that gives off a small radius of light around Karl. Definitely comes in handy for screenshots!



Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Delivery (1 Frozen Tear to Shane)

Items Donated:


Bundles Completed:

River Fish (Reward – small glow ring)

Night Fishing (Reward – 30 bait)

2,500g Bundle (Reward – 3 chocolate cakes)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny



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