Day 56, Summer 28: Dance of the Moonlight Jellies

Here’s the plan.


My latest farming discovery is a recipe for quality fertilizer, which can be easily made by adding a fish to some basic fertilizer.

With a whole new batch of crops starting tomorrow, I want to use as much of the new fertilizer as possible. Which means I need to catch a ton of fish to start making it – I already have a ton of sap stored from all the tree chopping the other day.

I’m already not watering anything today, and the festival doesn’t start until 10PM so that gives me plenty of time.

I took the mine cart up to the mountains and fished in the lakeĀ for over twelve straight hours (game hours, not real hours, thank goodness).

Check out this haul:


Top left to bottom right: carp, chub, rainbow trout, largemouth bass, bullhead, sturgeon, dinosaur egg, emerald, stone, wood, skeletal tail, magma geode, gold ore, geode, nautilus fossil, green algae

That’s 41 fish, 11 pieces of algae, and at least 7 or 8 treasure chests worth of loot.

I was able to shatter my record number of catches in a day due to an early chest containing this nifty lure:


After using it for a while, I’m now pretty sure that time doesn’t pass while you’re reeling in a fish – only while you’re sitting and waiting before a bite. So that’s why the days seem to go by so much more slowly when fishing…

At 10:00 I went back home via the mine cart, picked up one of my warp totems, and teleported to the “Dance of the Moonlight Jellies”.


The whole village came out to say their farewell to summer, marked by the annual jellyfish migration.







A gold-quality sturgeon is worth 375g, wow

Tomorrow’s a new season, and the year is halfway over already! See you in the Fall!


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