Day 55, Summer 27: Building a Barn

Bonus Post!

It’s a bountiful harvest today! I’ve got corn, melons, blueberries, radishes, and hops.


The two older chickens, Lunes and Martes, started laying large eggs today.


I tried putting one in the mayonnaise machine and it produced a gold-quality jar of mayo which will sell for 225g instead of 150. These are some profitable chickens!

After watering, I decided today would be a great day to upgrade to the steel watering can. Most of the crops will die off in a couple days, so it doesn’t matter if they don’t get watered tomorrow.

But first, I went to Robin’s shop to have her start work on the new barn.


With all of yesterday’s preparation I had the materials ready to go and my site picked out next to the silo.


Unfortunately she won’t be starting until the first of Fall. Tomorrow’s the second summer festival, the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies or something like that.

I went to the adventurer’s guild when it dawned on me that I never claimed my reward for exterminating the requisite number of bugs.

The old guy in the rocking chair congratulated Karl and gave him this:


Apparently I can swing a giant severed bug head as a weapon now. It’s a decent upgrade to the one I bought earlier so I’ll be using it despite its claimed unpleasantness.

And now over to the blacksmith for the next tool upgrade via the handy mine cart network.


I had a geode to open, so I remembered to do that before putting Clint to work (it just had an earth crystal).


And now I’m back to being broke. I just spent 11,000g. Hopefully all the crops I’m selling today will bump me back up a bit.

With my new transportation options I figured I could easily make some progress in the mine without staying out too late.


The new insect head sword makes short work of these slimes

I got to floor 55 with time to spare, so I ate some pancakes to boost foraging and then dug up every square of soft soil on 55 and 56.


I ended up with a total of twelve cave carrots, some clay and iron, and a new artifact: a skeletal tail.

Took the mine cart back home and went to bed feeling quite productive for the day.



Skill Progress:


There’s a third level of sprinkler?? I haven’t even made the second one yet!



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