Day 54, Summer 26: Cleanup

I spent most of the day chopping wood and clearing weeds in the northwest corner of the farm, trying to get ready for the upcoming barn addition.

Here’s an overall view of the farm before today’s work:


And here it is after:


Whew! Small progress, but good progress. I’m thinking of putting the barn right next to the silo.

Pay no mind to that apple tree just below the crops field – it’s not fully grown yet. This image was created by the nifty tools over at so some graphics might not match exactly. My actual apple tree looks like this:


I cooked a few new snacks to keep the energy up from all the chopping – radish salad and a blueberry tart.


I also went to retrieve my pick from Clint and open a couple geodes. One of them had a new mineral: Celestine.



Earned another point in Foraging from chopping all those trees. I can make more of those warp totems, so I don’t need to be stingy about using them up.


The day’s income came from radishes and melons.



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