Day 53, Summer 25: The One That Got Away

There’s a thunderstorm today – likely the last rain of the summer.


After a harvest of radishes and hot peppers (and hops), I decided to make it a fishing day.

I still don’t actually know if the rain affects fishing at all, but I had a good feeling about it and I’m determined to catch an octopus before the season ends.


Livin’ Off The Land makin’ me feel bad about upgrading the pick yesterday


I packed one of my peppers to deliver along the way, along with a leek for good measure.

After buying some wheat from Pierre (because there’s nothing else I can plant until fall), I gave them to George.


Despite his impatience, he’s at 4/10 friendship now.

At the beach, I reset my crab traps and bought some trout soup to try to maximize my chances of catching an octopus.

After a bunch of red snapper and red mullet, I had my chance.

I wrassled with this thing for almost a full minute. At one point I came this close to reeling it in, but…


It got the better of me.

Frustrated, I gave up on it for today and moved on to a new fishing spot. I divided the rest of the day between the forest river and the mountain lake.

Here’s the day’s catch:


  • 5 red mullet
  • 4 red snapper
  • 2 tilapia
  • 1 tuna


  • 4 pike
  • 4 chub
  • 1 dorado
  • 1 shad

Mountain Lake:

  • 5 bullhead
  • 3 chub
  • 3 carp

I also stopped by the community center after noticing I hadn’t turned in a red snapper yet, and it was the last thing in the Ocean Fish Bundle.


As a reward I got an item that can warp me to one of those strange statues I’ve always wondered about. Neat!


They’re one-time use though, so not nearly as good as the mine carts unless I have a way to get or make more of them.



Skill Progress:


Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Knee Therapy (1 hot pepper to George – 200g)

Bundle Completed:

Ocean Fish (Reward – 5 Warp Totem: Beach)


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