Day 52, Summer 24: Fast Travel

So last night, I did what I was hoping I’d never do – I stayed out until 2 AM. I got too eager to unlock the mine carts and forgot to allow time to run home. Karl still woke up in his own bed though, and the only thing that happened was a small fine from Joja Corp:


It looks like it’s just 10% of your currently held gold. Besides that, there don’t seem to be any other repercussions.

Marnie came by this morning asking for a cave carrot.


I’ve got plenty in the fridge since learning how to dig them up, so I put that on the to-do list for the day.

There’s also some melons ready for harvest a couple days early thanks to Speed-Gro. I’ll set one aside to give to Demetrius for his quest.


Here’s some more pine tar from my tapper. I’m going to need to tap a lot more pine trees so I can start using it to make kegs.

By the time the watering was done, Marnie’s ranch was open, so I delivered the cave carrot she requested.


Seems like an odd & inconsequential event to make a cutscene for. And I didn’t even get any reward!

I decided it’s time to start upgrading my tools again, with all the iron bars I’m getting.

A perfect time to test out the brand new mine cart transportation system!


It basically teleports you between the bus stop, the mine, and the east side of town near the blacksmith. I could see that saving a ton of time in many cases, especially when going to or from the mine.

With more mining in mind, I paid Clint the 5,000g to upgrade to a steel pickaxe.


Now that I think of it, I probably should’ve gone for the watering can first- there will be a storm tomorrow so it’s a rare opportunity for that. The new pick will let me clear out the big boulders on the farm though, and should hopefully help me find gold sooner.


More junk to be recycled! I can’t get enough

I spent some time waiting around for Demetrius to show up so I could finish my other quest (and hopefully get paid for it this time).

I finally found him walking toward his house after sundown.


This quest earned me 550g – thanks Demetrius for making it worth my while!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

With the melons and all the stuff I didn’t get to sell yesterday, I came out with about 4,500g today, which almost pays for the new pickaxe.

Journal Progress:

Quest Complete: Crop Research (1 melon to Demetrius – 550g)

Quest Complete: Marnie’s Request (1 cave carrot to Marnie – friendship?)


Tomorrow’s weather: Thunderstorm


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