Day 50, Summer 22: Buried Treasure

It’s the 50th day at Joensuu Farm! The year’s almost halfway over. I think I’ve made some great progress so far.

My top 3 goals at the moment are:

  1. Get the mine carts up and running
  2. Get started clearing out the rest of the farm
  3. Build a barn

I made some spaghetti for breakfast (tomato & wheat flour). I learned that any ingredients you store in the refrigerator can be automatically used in cooking recipes without having to take them out. So anything I plan to use in cooking can just go straight into the fridge and I won’t have to worry about it.


I went outside to find a surprise at the recycling machine – a piece of refined quartz. I had put a broken CD in there the night before. I got out the other three CDs I had and tried them too. Each one gave me another refined quartz! Now that’s a useful discovery. It’s one of the three materials needed to make more sprinklers, along with iron and gold.


The preserves jar was also finished preserving, and got me a jar of blueberry jelly. I think it took three days to finish, so I’ll definitely need more of these if I want to make all my blueberries into jelly. I assume pale ale will take a similar amount of time, or maybe more, so I need to start hoarding ingredients to craft a bunch of kegs.

I found Leah in the general store and tried to make up for yesterday’s “pretty terrible” gift by offering her a plate of spaghetti.


Even though it’s not her favorite, at least now I know something she likes. I have plenty more tomatoes coming, so let’s see how much spaghetti she’ll take before getting tired of it.

Today’s plan is to go back into the mine and try to reach level 50 while collecting slime on the way.

To make things easier, I went shopping for a new weapon at the Adventurer’s Guild.


There was a whole range of types and prices to choose from, and almost all of them were better than my steel smallsword.

I went with the cutlass for 1,500g. It has much better damage while keeping a similar fast swing speed.



Killing slimes with relative ease now


I found plenty of iron ore on my way down, and a decent number of slimes.


Fighting over a rich iron ore deposit

At some point I took out my hoe and tried digging in the soft ground a bit.


Wow! I should’ve taken Penny’s advice way earlier. You can find all kinds of stuff from digging, including ores or in this case an entire gold bar.

I made it to floor 50 this time and was rewarded with a new pair of shoes:


They’re the same as my leather boots with a bit more defense.

Here’s all the loot from today’s mining expedition – much of it due to digging. I won’t be leaving the hoe at home anymore!

  • Rusty Spoon (artifact)
  • Dwarf Scroll III (artifact)
  • Gold Bar
  • 28 iron ore
  • 7 bat wings
  • 5 cave carrots
  • 2 frozen tears
  • winter root
  • frozen geode

I’m also up to 90 slimes. Just 9 more to go!



New Recipes Cooked:

  • Strange Bun
  • Spaghetti
  • Roots Platter

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