Day 49, Summer 21: Unplanned Purchases


I got some new spangle flowers today in three colors. No other crops besides the usual twelve hops that are currently piling up in storage (I think I have close to 100 now).

First stop of the day was to Pierre’s to pick up the last batch of radish seeds for the season, for planting today and tomorrow. I picked up a fishing quest posted by Willy outside:


On the way up to the mountain lake for the quest, I picked up the forge and now-completed gold bar that I left there yesterday… thank goodness it didn’t disappear this time!


I dropped off the gold inside to complete the Blacksmith’s Bundle and was rewarded with another forge. I’m actually fine with that since I can smelt my iron bars twice as fast now.


Up at the lake, I caught a carp on the first cast and a largemouth bass on the second.


That was easy – now I can round up the rest of the day’s errands to the south and have the evening free.

I have two frozen geodes, so I had Clint open those and got:

  • Pyrite
  • 5 iron ore

At the museum, donated the pyrite along with yesterday’s mining treasures: Dwarf Scroll II and a Strange Doll.


That earned me another furniture item… one I might find an excuse to give away.


At the beach, I handed Willy the bass and earned 300g and the ‘Gofer’ achievement (complete 10 fetch quests)! There were a few people hanging out here so I socialized a bit.


Lewis dropping some hints… I need those for jam, man!

I forgot to mention this morning that I thought of the perfect gift for Leah. It combines two things she really likes – painting and nature. It’s a landscape painting called ‘Jade Hills’! I brought it with me today and everything, just in case.


She’s going to be so impressed! I mean, not only does this really show how Karl cares about her interests, but, like, this is a one-of-a-kind piece! It might even be the only copy obtainable in the game valley! How many friends does Leah have that would give her something irreplaceable like this?


Ouch. That hurts. Won’t even look him in the eye to say how much she hates it.

After this, I might just give up and woo Haley instead. She could have at least given it back. Now it’s just gone forever.

Travelling Caravan

I went up through the forest to fish for pike before going home. It just so happened that the travelling merchant was there today. I browsed through his wares out of curiosity…


Hey, that’s a rare fish that I can’t get yet, and it goes in the Specialty Fish Bundle! It’s a steal at 700g, right? So I bought it.


Definitely need those ASAP. Bought it. Too bad he only had one.


Haven’t been able to find this all season! And it goes in that bundle too! Bought it.


Ooooohh, so mysterious. Fall is just around the corner too… bought it.

And, now I’ve spent almost all my money.


I was able to at least make the 1,000g back for the Rare Seed by catching 5 gold-quality pike while waiting for some iron to smelt (each bar takes two hours).



Achievements Earned:


New Items Donated:



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