Day 48, Summer 20: Slime Hunting


The second rainy day of summer means I have some extra time in the day.

My next goal is going to be to get the mine carts running – for that I’ll need about 25 more pieces of slime goo and one gold bar. To the mines!

Lewis sent 500g in the mail just because. Something about Karl being an important member of the community. That will pay for today’s seeds with some left over.


People always seem to be asking for my most valuable crops as free samples. First Jodi with a cauliflower, and now Demetrius. Some of my melons are on Speed-Gro so they’ll be ready in the next few days. I’ll give him one of the normal quality ones and hope for some good friend points in return.


Some poppies and grapes to pick today


Can’t forget to feed the chickens when they’re stuck inside on rainy days! Still only 3 out of 4 eggs… is one of them unhappy or sick or something?


I put my sprinkler down where I’ll plant some radishes later. I could have tilled a new area for it, but I like everything contained within the fence for now, and this way it’ll save some watering time.

I’m sure it’ll be a long time before I start mining gold, so I took the easy route and spent 2,000g buying it from Clint.


I left the forge in front of the community center so the gold bar would be ready when I returned from the mine with pockets full of slime. Oh how optimistic I was…

Passing by Robin I took the opportunity to scope out my next building purchase:


I should be able to afford that in no time. One of these days though, I’ll have to really put some time into clearing out more of the farm. I’m always short on wood and stone, plus it’s just kind of embarrassing how overgrown the place still is.

I reached the mine entrance just past noon.

At first I tried revisiting earlier floors to look for the easier green slimes. I couldn’t find any and ended up wasting a bunch of time. I did find this Strange Doll artifact buried in the dirt though:


I changed my strategy and went down to floor 45, hoping to find lots of slimes and make it to 50 by the end of the day.

My new problem is that I’m finding my sword to be way too weak for the enemies down here.


When it’s taking this long to kill one of them, it’s going to take way more than a day to get twenty-five of them (and they don’t always drop slime either).

So, before I come back here I think it’ll be worth it to invest in a new weapon at the Adventurer’s Guild.

I noticed it was getting past 10PM and I was still on depth 49. After killing all the enemies no ladders appeared so I had to resort to breaking random rocks.


I still don’t know what happens if I stay out until 2:00, but it can’t be good. At 12:30 my panic mode took over and I hightailed it out of there.

Of course, stubborn old me didn’t want to wait an extra day on those radishes, so I did some late-night sowing and then crashed at 1:50 AM. Whew!




Notable Loot:

  • 6 slime
  • 27 iron ore
  • 2 frozen geodes
  • 1 winter root
  • jade, aquamarine, topaz, amethyst, quartz
  • Strange Doll
  • Dwarf Scroll II

Skill Progress:


Transmutation – is Karl becoming an alchemist?

Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Crop Research (1 melon to Demetrius)



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