Day 47, Summer 19: Backpacking


I woke up with exactly 10,000g today. You know what that means…


Time to pull the trigger on this, before I think of something better to buy!



And look at this – the purchase is already justified, now I can bring home all the trash I find in the crab pots. The stuff on the second row is all on its way to the community center (more on that later).

Today was blueberry harvest #1, corn harvest #2, hot pepper harvest #[I’ve lost count], AND 27-radish-picking day.


Not shown: 12 more hops went into storage for the future microbrewery

After all this is sold, I’ll have already recouped half the cost of the fancy backpack I just bought. I also bought 27 more radish seeds to replant.


Blueberries come in bunches of three, so they can be a pretty good source of energy if I don’t have ingredients for cooking.

Corn produces every four days. With its high seed price, it won’t start actually earning a profit until the 4th harvest, so it definitely needs to be planted in early summer to be worthwhile. Since I planted on Summer 1, I should be getting eleven total harvests from it.


Here’s an easy request, since I was carrying a pepper around already. I went to the beach to look for Elliott.

I couldn’t find him there, so I changed out the crab bait and then got sidetracked by a patch of bubbly water with some sort of demon fish in it.


Three times he bit the lure, but I had no chance. He escaped almost immediately each time. I am now convinced that this is that octopus or puffer fish I’ve been hunting.

I kept trying the same spot until the bubbles went away, and ended up with a good haul of red mullet, tilapia, and tuna, which I sold to Willy.


On the way back, Elliott was in his frequent spot on the bridge, so there’s an easy 150g.

I stopped by the farm again to pick up another pepper and put more iron ore in the forge.

Sowed and watered the new batch of radishes, and then hauled all that stuff that was in my backpack over to the community center. I have the materials to finish two new crops bundles today, as well as to make good progress on some other bundles.


Summer Crops Bundle:

  • tomato, hot pepper, blueberry, melon
  • Reward: Quality Sprinkler


Quality Crops Bundle:

  • 5x each of gold parsnip, gold melon, and gold corn
  • Reward: Preserves Jar

I earned two new items that I could have potentially crafted, but I don’t have all the materials yet and I’m looking forward to trying them out.

The sprinkler could automate a portion of my crops or allow me to just plant another 8 things with almost no time cost.

The preserves jar says it can make pickles or jam, depending on if a vegetable or fruit goes in. Blueberry jam came to mind right away as the first preserving experiment.

I also added all this stuff to other bundles that aren’t finished yet:

  • 10 bat wings, Adventurer Bundle
  • 1 corn, Fall Crops Bundle
  • copper and iron bars, Blacksmith’s Bundle
  • red mushroom, Dye Bundle
  • purple mushroom, Field Research Bundle
  • maple syrup, Chef’s Bundle
  • fried egg, Chef’s Bundle


Whoa, it looks like all I need is a gold bar and about 20 more pieces of slime to complete everything in the Boiler Room, which would get the mine carts working again! Since Clint sells gold ore, I could just buy five of them to smelt and have this done in the next few days. I’m definitely making this a priority – the prospect of getting around town via mine cart is very enticing.



The biggest surprise is that each blueberry can sell for 88g. I would’ve thought much less, since you get three at a time. I’m holding on to most of them for now though, to see if jam sells for even more.

Total Income: 6,145g (including delivery quest and items sold to Pierre & Willy)

Skill Progress:


Finally, kegs!

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Delivery (hot pepper to Elliott – 150g)


Tomorrow’s Weather: Rain


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