Day 46, Summer 18: New House

Whoa, check out the size of this house add-on!


It has a fridge with some storage space, and the cooking area will let me finally make all those recipes I’ve been acquiring.


Here’s today’s episode of Livin’ Off The Land:


Wow, lightning rods and battery packs. I didn’t know the crafting got so advanced in this game.

I took one of today’s eggs and successfully¬†fried it in the kitchen, then went out to pick the harvest of grapes, spice berries, and sweet peas.


I planted some wheat in its place. The plan for that is just to go into Marnie’s fodder bundle – once I get an apple in the fall, I’ll be able to complete it.


Chef Karl gave his first creation to Pierre. I guess it would’ve been a more appropriate gift for Marnie or Robin, but Pierre seemed to appreciate a nice fried egg.

I went up to the mountains, changed out the trap in the lake (had a periwinkle in it), and got an early start in the mine.


Down below floor 40 I found these new dark fuzzball enemies that drop coal. There’s also finally some iron ore deposits here! More upgrades and new machines will be coming along soon now.

I reached level 45 with plenty of time to spare. I came out with 18 pieces of iron ore, a bomb, and another Rare Disc (worth 300g!).


Fished a bit in the mountain lake in the evening, but didn’t catch anything spectacular. The easy fish like carp and chub now just basically sit there and let me reel them in – a testament to Karl’s improved skill (and expensive gear).



Today’s income brings my current savings up to¬†exactly 10,000g. Could this be a sign, perhaps that Karl is meant to become a member of the huge backpack club very soon…?



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