Day 45, Summer 17: El Dorado

It’s a quiet day on the farm today. No crops to harvest or plant (besides the daily hops), and no real plans for the day.

I seem to have been getting fewer than four eggs these last few days… I’m not sure why. Are my chickens unhappy? I want to put that second mayo machine to good use!


Seems like a fine chicken to me

I almost thought one of the chickens had died mysteriously, but nope, all accounted for. I’ll just assume that they’re not guaranteed to lay an egg daily.


I gave Sam a spice berry for his birthday. He was right next to the calendar that informed me of the birthday, so I just gave him the first thing I found in my backpack.


Picked up the new copper hoe from Clint. All my tools are copper now! I also opened a geode and got a piece of iron ore. There are four more back at home, so I’ll be able to smelt my first iron bar later.

I spent the rest of the day just meandering around and fishing in various spots. I haven’t been having any luck in the ocean so I went west to the forest.


After getting into Marnie’s bedroom successfully, I tried visiting Leah’s cabin. Sure enough, the door was unlocked, even though she wasn’t home.

Karl snooped around just long enough to realize how awkward it would be if Leah came home to find him there.


In the deeper part of the river I hooked a fish that put up a really long fight before I finally reeled it in. It probably would’ve gotten away if not for yesterday’s skill increase. Sure enough, it was something new: the dorado.


I stopped by the hat mouse’s shop while in the area.


He’s now selling hats for the Cowpoke, Ol’ Mariner, and D.I.Y. achievements.

Since there wasn’t much other income today, I went back to the beach and fished until 7:30. Same as usual there, just some red mullet and halibut.

Back home, I smelted my first iron bar.


Iron takes a LOT longer than copper

I could have used it to make a recycling machine, but I just sold it to add to the collection. This will motivate me to go mining sooner!

Robin should be finished with the house upgrade tomorrow. See you next time  when I’ll be checking out the new kitchen!




New Fish Caught: Doradodorado.png


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