Day 44, Summer 16: Iridium Rod

Today’s new crop: tomatoes


After this, the only summer crop I have left to harvest is blueberries.

Coincidentally, Lewis sent a recipe today that I can make with tomatoes:


More evidence for my theory that the game is monitoring my progress and generating mail accordingly

And Robin’s still working on my kitchen remodel so I can actually try some cooking in a couple days.


I still have over 10,000g saved up, so it’s time to make another purchase. This time it’ll either be the backpack upgrade or the fishing rod upgrade. More inventory space would be nice, but the current backpack is still fine. There are three summer-specific fish that are still eluding me, so hopefully I’ll have better luck with a new rod.


Now I can use tackle! I added a spinner that’s supposed to increase bite rates.


And now to resume the hunt for octopus and pufferfish. I fished off the pier for six hours – here’s the results:

  • 4 tuna
  • 3 tilapia
  • 7 red mullet
  • 5 seaweed
  • 2 trash
  • broken CD

From chests:

  • Amphibian Fossil
  • Ancient Doll

There was one fish I hooked in a “turbulent water” spot that put up a huge fight and got away almost immediately:


Could that have been the pufferfish?

Defeated, I came home, watered the crops, and went to sleep.



Items Donated:





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