Day 43, Summer 15: Corn and Hops

New Crops


Scarecrow doin’ his duty

Karl woke up to the pleasant sight of rows of hops, corn, sweet peas, and mayonnaise, all ripe for the picking.

I only put one bud of hops in the shipping box – due to yesterday’s tip from the town drunk, I’ll be saving all the rest to hopefully make beer with later on. I’ll have 167 of them stored up by the end of the season since they sprout daily. Pale ales for everybody! Just need to figure out how to get a keg…


Corn results were consistent with my previous data for basic fertilizer. I’m only one gold one away from completing the Quality Crops Bundle!


I’m loving the new watering can. I finished all the watering by 10:20, and that was with some wastage while figuring out how to best aim it. It holds a lot more water too.

could justify planting more crops now, but I think it’s best to use the extra time each day for spelunking and fishing. The faster I find iron and gold, the sooner I can start making a sprinkler system and automate the watering entirely.

Today’s errands:

  • bought more melon seeds for replanting
  • gave George another gold leek (how is he still at 2/10??)
  • gave Clint my hoe – the last of my tools to upgrade to copper

Then, the main goal of the day: I took all the wood I chopped last night and paid Robin a visit at her workshop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m finally getting a kitchen! I wonder how many recipes I have already.

Ice Cave and Slingshot

The rest of the day was spent going down another five floors in the mine.


A couple floors were really annoying due to the darkness – I haven’t figured out a way to carry a light source while walking, so I would put down a torch, see it’s a dead end, and pick it up again (I only brought 10 with me).

Notable loot: 1 earth crystal, so I can make my second mayo machine now and easily process all four eggs each day.

Finally, I reached level 40 and earned another chest. It’s all frozen past this point, and thankfully doesn’t seem to be dark anymore.


Apparently I can use stones as ammo and shoot enemies with this. I’ve actually been short on stones lately from building the fence, so I won’t use this extensively right away.


I finally finished the quest to Level 40! After all that, there’s no reward, and the next quest just says to keep going and try to find the bottom. Sort of makes me wonder if there even is a bottom.


I got home way too late, but I still wanted to plant the six new melons. I don’t want to wait an extra day for that cash! Karl barely made it to bed in time before passing out.



Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Deeper In The Mine (reach level 40)

Quest Started: Delivery (wheat to Sam)


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