Day 42, Summer 14: Lucky Shorts

Hold Your Hops

This letter came from Pam today:


Looking at the resulting quest gave some more info on how to get pale ale.


Coincidentally, my first batch of hops will be ready for harvest tomorrow morning. It’s a good thing I this quest showed up, or I might’ve just put them all in the shipping box.

In fact, I’d be willing to bet that I got the letter because the hops were 1 day away – that this game is programmed to trigger its “tutorial” events as soon as they become relevant, and before you do something you might regret. I certainly appreciate this approach; I would’ve been beating myself over the head if I’d sold off all my hops in the summer only to find out in the fall that I can craft kegs and I’m now unable to brew beer until the next year. Thank you, Stardew Valley, for being one of the few games in this genre that’s still fun to play without consulting a wiki page for everything!

Judging by the huge price jump from making eggs into mayonnaise, I’m definitely going to want to save all the hops I get for pale ale production, after shipping one for the collection of course.


Today’s harvest: some foraging items, wheat, and the Starfruit.


This plant is a one-time-use, so I probably won’t get any more of these. Hopefully it sells for a good amount.

I bought 11 melon seeds to replace what I picked today, then went to Clint’s to pick up the copper watering can and open some geodes.



The magma geode contained obsidian, which I donated along with a “jagoite” from a plain geode.


I’ve filled up an entire display of minerals now, starting on the next one. The obsidian earned me a new painting for the house, called “Jade Hills”.

I don’t have much space left to hang it up, so hopefully the house upgrade will fix that. I need 450 pieces of wood in addition to the 10k gold, so after watering the crops I’ll spend the rest of the day chopping trees.

On the way home I gave away some sweet peas with great success:



Just for fun I tried Marnie’s door, and it actually opened!


Lewis will be getting his shorts back today! I ran straight to him with the good news.

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He tried to deny it, but he knows I know. He gave me 750g to keep me quiet. Blackmail sure is great.

The new watering can in action:


It can hit three tiles at once, with seemingly the same energy and water usage as before, so that should be way more efficient.


I spent the evening chopping away. Had to eat a few field snacks to keep going, but I reached 450 and will be finally buying the house upgrade tomorrow.


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The starfruit sold for 880g. Hopefully I’ll be able to find more of those seeds!

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Mayor’s “Shorts” (750g)

Quest Started: Pam Is Thirsty (bring Pam a pale ale)

Items Donated:



New Achievement:



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