Day 41, Summer 13: Five Figures

Today’s the first storm of summer – no watering required!

It’s also finally time for the melon harvest. This is likely to be the highest-earning day of the season, and I’ve been saving something special for just such an occasion:


This will raise my farming skill from 6 to 8 for a few minutes, which I’m hoping will give a nice boost to the average melon quality today. Of course, this is assuming that quality is determined when a crop is picked rather than when it’s planted (which would actually make more sense). Let’s see if there’s any noticeable difference.

Karl ate the cheesy fried peppers for breakfast and started picking melons (and more peppers) as fast as he could, using his right mouse button hand for maximum speed.


He prefers popping Pepper Poppers prior to picking peppers

Here’s the results.


Melons: average quality 119%


Peppers: average quality 117%

By “average quality” I mean average sell price relative to the base version of the crop. both of these used basic fertilizer, and they came out to just a bit better than my average parsnip yield of 112%. This data is not conclusive though, because the sample size is smaller and I had a higher base farming skill when planting these than I did with the parsnips.

So while it feels like I can use performance-enhancing drugs pepper poppers right before a harvest and see immediate benefits, they may actually have no effect. After I have a kitchen and can make these, I’ll try eating them on a planting day to compare.

I noticed that the chickens stay inside during the rain. I made sure to put some feed in their trough so they have something to eat today. After giving them each a nice pat on the head I discovered that a second click will bring up a little status window showing how they’re doing.


I’ll be sure to come say hi to you guys every day now!

I didn’t know that animals had a “friendship” rating too! It looks like it affects how much you can sell them for, and I’m guessing they need to be older and very happy in order to lay the large eggs.

I decided to try another day of ocean fishing to look for an octopus and a puffer fish, thinking maybe they only come out when it’s raining or something.


There were tons of shells and coral on the beach, as mentioned on TV the other day. Since these are foraging items, I now have a chance of getting two-for-one when I pick them up.

I ate some trout soup for second breakfast (I’m a little more wealthy now so I can afford it) and fished from around 9:30 until 2:00. Still no octopus or puffer fish, but check out these results (2 treasure chests included):

  • 6 red snapper
  • 4 red mullet
  • 3 tilapia
  • 1 tuna
  • 2 diamonds(!)
  • 2 amethysts
  • chicken statue (artifact)
  • magma geode

I sold the shells and a couple fish to Willy to make room in the backpack – just with that I’m already at 1,424g earned today.


The diamonds sell for a whopping 750g each, so I’m really glad I found two of them since the first one went to the museum.

The chicken statue was also donated, and got me a decorative chicken statue for my house.


Here’s a chance to earn Marnie’s friendship, but if she wants it today there’s just no way I can make it happen (I’d have to go search for iron in the mine since Clint is busy with my watering can upgrade).

I bought mostly radish seeds to replant later today where the melons were, along with the two flower types I haven’t tried yet, poppy and spangle.

I glanced at the calendar and saw it was Alex’s birthday today. I have full pockets but not much that’s really gift-worthy. I considered the amethyst but he mentioned BBQ, so I gave him a red snapper. Maybe he’d like to grill that or something.



I tried the amethyst on Leah and got another negative reaction. At least she was a little nicer about it.



I should really start tracking my gift attempts by writing down each person’s likes and dislikes. Because that’s totally normal and not stalker-ish at all…

Well at least I can pretend that Karl is actually a thoughtful, caring guy who’s not just in it to see the numbers go up.


I gave the other amethyst to Marnie on the way home. I’m making slow and steady progress toward getting Lewis’ underwear back, but I hope he can wait a while.

Back on the farm, I planted the new seeds I’d bought, along with the second ancient seed.

I spent the rest of the evening breaking stones and starting to work on the new, more durable fence:



Are you ready for the mother lode?


The melons sold for 275g a piece. That’s WAY better than cauliflower which has the same growth time and seed price.

New plan: buy the house upgrade, then plant as many melons as possible in the next three days!

Total income including items sold to Willy: 14,042g

Skill Progress:


New Items Donated:




Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny again :(


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