Day 40, Summer 12: A Rare Opportunity

Tomorrow’s Forecast


*ahem* Don’t you mean “ARE expected”?

Wow, the first rain of the season is on its way! And a summer thunderstorm at that. It’ll be nice to have a break from watering crops again.

I had a realization as I was going to pick up my pickaxe – I could actually upgrade the watering can today and the crops wouldn’t have to miss a day of water. Even if the storm only lasts for tomorrow, I’d be able to get the new watering can on the morning of the 14th, then come back to the farm and use it.


I don’t know when the next rain will be, so I’d better take this chance now while it’s here! Anything that can reduce the time and/or energy spent watering will give Karl more time for other things.


Time to go try out my new copper pickaxe. It’s still early in the day so there’s plenty of time to reach level 35 in the mine. I also took a lesson from last time and brought some torches with me.


I found another Ancient Seed from a bug. I have no idea if these are rare or important, so I think I’ll just plant it tomorrow next to the first one, since I’ll probably end up selling that for the collection.

The zombies down here aren’t very aggressive, and they take forever to kill with my current sword, so I started ignoring them. I started encountering bats, which drop their wings for the Adventurer’s bundle.


I reached level 35 and exited via the elevator, carrying more copper ore, some quartz and 3 out of the 10 bat wings I’ll need. One more mining trip and I should finally complete the quest I started weeks ago! Hopefully after level 40 I will start finding iron so I can craft a bee house and a recycler.

I got back home at 9PM (how nice to not be in a rush in the mines for once). Three hours is enough to make one more jar of mayonnaise so I put another egg in the machine, and went to Cindersap Forest while I waited for it. Caught a record-sized pike in the lake and a few pieces of algae.


I think fish sizes and star-qualities are directly related – all the larger fish seem to be gold too



I’m really liking the income boost that mayonnaise gives me. Got my eyes on a nice kitchen upgrade within the next week…


Tomorrow’s weather: Thunderstorm


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