Day 39, Summer 11: Luau

I found out you can let the mayo machine run overnight, so that helps keep up with the supply. Can’t miss out on that 600g per day! The coop will be fully paid for in just a week at this rate.


Nothing like that fresh mayonnaise at sunrise

I promise, I’ll get that fence rebuilt soon… probably with stone this time.

Radishes are the most profitable crop I’ve seen so far, with a profit of 9.8g per day (11.8g when fertilized). The 3×3 patch I harvested today will be worth more than a grand!


Also, the Ancient Seed plant and starfruit are still going strong

Looking at the bundle list I wanted to plant some wheat in its place for Marnie’s “Fodder Bundle”, but shops are¬†closed today due to the Luau. I planted some more summer seeds instead. With the¬†Gatherer profession I should be getting a lot out of those.


Hoping people don’t think this is last year’s leftovers

I didn’t have many options for what to bring to this potluck thing down at the beach. Looking through my pantry/recycle bin, it was between Pepper Poppers and Autumn’s Bounty. I plan to eat the Poppers for +2 farming when I pick the melons, so I packed the latter and went to check out the town’s first summer event.

The Luau


The potluck turned out to be a giant community soup pot, and I was just supposed to bring an ingredient to throw in there. Thankfully I hadn’t put the radishes from this morning into the shipping box yet, so I picked out the best of the bunch (a gold one!)and threw it in there.


Representing the bounty of summer with some fresh local produce! Don’t tell anyone, but for a split second I considered putting a jar of mayo in there instead


New Character Met: Governor

He visits once a year for the Luau, to get a taste of the valley or something. Mayor Lewis tries to suck up to him by having the best soup?

I went around to chat with everyone before letting Lewis know it was OK to start (I sure love how all these events seem to revolve around me!).



And now for the verdict…


Success! Clearly it was the Joensuu Farms radish that made it so delicious.



Achievement Unlocked:

I got this one after making some stone fences at the end of the day.


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