Day 38, Summer 10: UFO

Tomorrow is the town’s annual luau!


I don’t have a kitchen yet, so I’ll have to improvise. I feel like one of those people who doesn’t cook so they just bring a bag of chips to a potluck.

Today was the first big harvest of hot peppers.


They sell for 44g and can be picked every 3 days, so about equivalent to beans from the spring.

Clint the blacksmith now sells the watering can upgrade.


almost bought it, before realizing I’d have no way to water the crops for two days. I’m not sure if that would kill them all or just halt their growth, but I’m not taking that chance.

I bought the pickaxe upgrade instead. Hopefully that’ll help me get deeper in the mine using less energy.

I completed another delivery! Haley happened to want a pepper today, of which I had plenty. She wasn’t at home but I found her up by the community center easily enough.


I’m still on the hunt for an earth crystal. I figured I can still find one without having a pickaxe, so I went up to the mountains.

On a quick detour to visit Marlon, I found he sells a bunch of new weapons:


I don’t really need anything more than what I have though. The enemies must get tougher further down.

In the mine, I started looking at level 25, and was actually able to get down to 27 just from stairs that dropped from enemies. Quartz was plentiful, but no earth crystals again.


I did some fishing to finish out the day. The catch:

  • carp (new record)
  • chub
  • bullhead



A UFO flew by during the shipping screen. What does it mean???



Barely caught a glimpse of this UFO in the upper left – definitely haven’t seen that before

Skill Progress:


I chose Gatherer over Forester. I don’t chop many trees down, and when I do I never sell the wood.

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Delivery (hot pepper to Haley – 120g)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny (OK, I’m going to stop mentioning this until some different weather shows up)


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