Day 37, Summer 9: Running Around

Today may have been the most uneventful day I’ve had yet.


Nothing in the mail and nothing to harvest.


I’ve got four full-grown chickens now, which means probably more eggs than I can reasonably process in one mayonnaise maker.

I figured the best plan would be to go looking for another earth crystal in the mine. They don’t seem too hard to find, right?

I also had one more slime to kill for the wizard’s quest, so two birds with one stone!

Mine 31

I took the elevator back to floor 30 and continued downward to find that the floors and wall are now gray instead of brown, and it’s really dark.


It took a ton of sword swings to kill this new enemy that I couldn’t really see – I think it’s some kind of zombie?

I didn’t have any torches on me, so I left.

I probably should have just returned to some earlier floors to hunt slimes and earth crystals, but instead I thought I’d have enough time to go drop off my pick for a much needed upgrade.

I am becoming a chronic underestimator of walking times in this game, and Clint’s store closed before I could get there.

Since I was already in town I went back to the farm to put the third egg into the mayo machine, thinking it worthwhile since it’s basically the day’s only source of income.


Also picked up an easy delivery quest on the way. I already have a pepper ready to go for it.

Then I went all the way back to the mine, and explored a bunch of different floors before finally finding the last slime I needed. I also found quartz, amethyst, and topaz, but sadly no earth crystal.


Once again underestimating the distance from the mine to the wizard tower, I showed up 20 minutes too late and had to abandon the 240g reward.

Maybe I should save up to buy a horse before I do anything else…



Journal Progress:

Quest Expired: kill 6 slimes for Rasmodius


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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