Day 35, Summer 7: Taking a Bath

The fence is completely falling apart now!


So I guess a basic wood fence only lasts about one season. I took the axe to all the broken parts, and now I’m debating whether to replace it with the same thing or try to upgrade to stone or even hardwood. For now, I might just not have a fence.


I had three hot peppers ready to pick from the mixed seeds patch, so I put two in the shipping box and kept one in storage for the summer crops bundle.

I Can Make Mayonnaise

I took a minute to check through all my crafting recipes and discovered that I had all the materials for a mayonnaise machine (15 wood, 15 stone, earth crystal, copper bar).


I placed it next to the forge and came back with the day’s eggs, popped one in there and waited…


and waited…


This takes a lot longer than smelting copper

After an hour with no sign of finishing I decided to go into town rather than standing around all day.

I opened two geodes and got a sandstone (sold for 60g) and 5 copper ore (almost recoups the cost of the mayo maker!).

My main goal for the day was to check out that new railroad area to the north.

On the way there I went to check my crab pot and saw some bubbling water, so I got out the fishing rod for a couple casts.


It definitely makes you hook a fish faster than usual, and I feel like it prevents you from catching garbage or algae too, but I’m not sure.

I caught two bullhead (one was a record 23 in.) and a treasure chest containing a new artifact, the “Rare Disc” (is it full of classic video games like Jetpac and Battletoads?).


The Bath House


Up in the railroad area, the most noticeable thing is the big glass-roofed building labeled “Bath”.


I went inside to find a huge, yet totally empty, pool-sized bath. There are two entrances from the men’s and women’s locker rooms, and the bath itself spans two whole screens of space. Karl changed into his trunks and went in to wade around for a minute.


It was a little more spooky than refreshing. This whole area seems completely abandoned, and I don’t know who or what keeps the water hot in here.

Back outside, there are some train tracks, a platform, and not much else. Not another soul to be found anywhere.



I guess this stuff must come into play later on, or for certain calendar events or something. It’s too big a place to just sit there unused.

On the way home from here I found some grapes in the mountain path.

I found a finished jar of mayo waiting at the farm, so I dropped in the shipping box and put the second egg in the machine, making note of the time (9PM).

I had some time left in the day so I took the grapes and some oak resin from my tapper and completed two new bundles at the community center.


The Summer Foraging Bundle rewarded 30 “Summer Seeds” which look to function identically to the Spring Seeds I got a few weeks ago.

The Exotic Foraging Bundle was easier than expected, since you don’t have to turn in everything on the list. Two mushrooms and three tree sap products were all I needed.


The reward was some great foraging-boosting food that also made me think I completed this bundle earlier than intended. It’s nowhere near autumn yet, but I’ll take it!

I stopped by the saloon before heading home to sleep. Nothing eventful, but I gave Marnie a sweet pea to continue to slowly build up the friendship.


The second jar of mayo was ready right at midnight, so now I know that the mayo machine takes 3 hours to process. It’s just short enough to easily convert two eggs per day while doing my other farming, so that’s great!



Mayonnaise sells for 150g! That’s an extra 110g in profit over just selling the egg! This is really good news – when I have 4 chickens that’s 600g per day of really easy money.

Community Center Progress:

  • Bundle complete: Summer Foraging (reward: 30 Summer Seeds)
  • Bundle complete: Exotic Foraging (reward: 5 Autumn’s Bounty)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny



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