Day 34, Summer 6: I’ve Got Eggs

The chickens have grown up already and laid their first eggs!


I also learned that there’s a little door on the front of the coop – if you leave it open, the chickens are free to roam outside during the day. They’ll even eat the grass apparently, so I don’t actually need a silo to feed them. I should still plan on storing up feed for the winter, when the animals will want to stay indoors.


I got my first summer crop – a single patch of wheat that came from some random mixed seeds.


These were planted just three days ago – confirmation that Speed-Gro works on wheat.

More Chickens

I brought Marnie my first egg as a thank-you gift, and to start trying to befriend her so I can get Lewis’s boxers back (Marnie is apparently very untidy and would rather let them sit on the floor of her room indefinitely than to pick them up and give them back herself).


I also bought two more chickens while I was here, now that I know how fast they grow up and how easy they are to care for. Welcome to the farm, Miércoles and Jueves!


I gave George another leek, but he’s still only at 1/10. I’m going to run out of leeks before we’re friends it seems. He told me that every day is the weekend when you’re retired. I couldn’t tell if he meant it in a positive way or a negative. I think I’d absolutely love retirement, but George seems like he might be pretty bored with life.


I bought 9 blueberries to plant today. After that the only new things left to plant will be the two summer flowers.

I had all my silo materials with me so I went on up toward Robin’s place from there.

On the way I added four items to the Exotic Foraging Bundle:


Purple mushroom, red mushroom, maple syrup, and pine tar

The last thing to complete this bundle will likely be a cave carrot or oak resin. As soon as winter comes I’ll be able to finish everything in the Crafts Room and repair the bridge leading to a new area.

Silo Construction


I hired Robin to build me a silo. I haven’t done a good job clearing the land around my farm, so I didn’t have much choice on the location. I might end up demolishing it and rebuilding later on if I have a better vision for how I want the farm to be arranged.

I did a little slime hunting in the mine for a quest I picked up. I am starting to find iron ore occasionally when breaking rocks, so I must be getting close to the actual ore veins. Lots of stuff to be crafted when I have enough iron.

On the way home, something caught my eye at the top of the screen…


How have I not noticed this? I swear this was not accessible before. Wasn’t it blocked off with rocks? I went to check it out.


There’s a whole new area up here. Sadly I had to move on so I’d have time to plant the blueberries. I’ll have to come back tomorrow.

Back at the farm, I got my blueberries planted next to the wheat, said goodnight to the chickens, and called it a day.




New items shipped:

  • Egg (40g)
  • Wheat (27g)
  • Snail (81g)

Journal Progress:

Quest Expired: Delivery (2 Tiger Trout to Willy)

Quest Started: Help Wanted (kill 4 slimes for Rasmodius)


Tomorrow’s weather:¬†Sunny


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