Day 33, Summer 5: Still No Octopus


I spent the entire morning fishing in the ocean again, but still couldn’t find any octopuses. An octopus seems more like the type of creature to be caught in a trap than on a fish hook anyway, but then why the “appears in the morning” hint? Do the contents of my crab pots vary based on time of day?


Willy now sells the next level of fishing rod. This one can use tackle! He has some different types of bobbers available to put on it too.

I made 1,185g from the morning’s fishing and then went to Pierre’s to spend it on seeds.


Today’s choice of crops included 9 each of peppers, radishes, and wheat. These have a pretty quick growth time to help get my farm income going again so I won’t have to rely on fishing. I also bought six tomatoes to fill in the gap between the hops.

Checking in with Robin, I found out I have almost everything I need to build a silo:


A mere 100g price tag is a welcome sight

The only thing I’m missing is a piece of clay, which I later found while tilling for the day’s planting. Tomorrow’s plan is to order myself a silo! It’s about time too – the chicks needed another portion of feed today.


The grass I planted yesterday is already starting to spread. So that’s what it means by “grass starter” – I can put some in a fenced-in area and it will fill up over time, and I can always have fresh grass to cut as long as I leave myself a small patch to refill with.


Here’s the crops after a satisfying afternoon of planting. The peppers and radishes got basic fertilizer (after I forgot to use it on the tomatoes… d’oh). I’m experimenting with Speed-Gro on the wheat to see if it can really turn a 4-day growth time into 3 days, a 33% increase in production if it works.

I’ll be back to spending a lot of time watering now. I plan to use retaining soil on anything else I plant after this, to cut down on the water needs.

If I’m going to be a very successful farmer, I’m going to have to get my irrigation automated with sprinklers. That could be a really good medium- to long-term goal  to work towards next, and it means I’ll need to go much deeper in the mine to find the raw materials.


With a couple hours left over at the end of the day, I deposited some new fish and foraging items at the community center:

  • Spice Berry, Sweet Pea (Summer Foraging Bundle)
  • Ghostfish (Exotic Fishing Bundle)
  • Tuna, Tilapia (Ocean Fishing Bundle

The only thing in the shipping box was some extra spice berries I found:


Total Income: 1,485g

Skill Progress:


Journal Progress

Quest Started: Delivery (2 Tiger Trout to Willy – 300g)

(I doubt I’ll end up finishing this one)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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