Day 32, Summer 4: Beach Day

Happy 4th of Summer / 4th of July!

Karl was thinking about what he wanted to do today, when “Livin’ Off The Land” came on the air.


Four new seasonal fish, only one of which I’ve seen before, and two of which are found in the ocean. I decided to start the day hunting for an octopus, so I put off the farming until later, packed up my fishing rod and some snacks, and left for the beach at 6:15 AM.


There were some shells to find on the sand, including a silver quality rainbow shell worth 375g.

I fished off the beach and pier until 3PM, but couldn’t find a single octopus or pufferfish. I did earn the Ol’ Mariner achievement after catching a tilapia though.


The day’s catch:

  • 8 red mullet
  • 3 tilapia (new)
  • 3 halibut
  • 2 tuna

I sold the fish and shells to Willy for a total of 2,402g. Not bad!

Before leaving the beach I tried giving Leah a clam (are those good in salads?)


She liked the gift at least a little bit, and her friendship bubble finally went from blue to green.

I also remembered it’s Jas’s birthday today. I didn’t have much left to offer so I gave her a cave carrot.


Yep I literally just remembered like 5 seconds ago. I think I made her cry.

Sam had some interesting info about the world beyond the valley:


Over at Pierre’s I bought some hops starter, along with some grass starter so I can feed the chickens.

Night Farming


Checking on the chickens. They seem happy enough. They haven’t eaten the hay I put in there yet, but they don’t seem to be starving or anything.


It looks like I get a new batch of mushrooms every two days. Some free money and snacks essentially, until I figure out any other uses for them. This morel mushroom (bottom center) is part of one of the bundles I think, but I shipped it to get it logged in my collection.

It was getting dark before I started the farm work, so I don’t have great lighting unfortunately. I should start placing some lamps or braziers soon.


Planting the hops in two columns so I’ll have access for watering


I placed the grass starter south of the coop – this looks more like fully-grown grass than a “starter”. It also looks exactly the same as the other wild grass that’s all over the farm already. If that’s the case, cutting it with the scythe doesn’t do anything for me besides removing it completely.

I bet that’ll change after I build a silo, so there’s my next goal!



Total income: 3,060g (not bad for having no crops ready yet!)

Achievement unlocked: Ol’ Mariner (catch 24 types of fish)

New items sold:

  • Tilapia – 93g (with Fisherman profession)
  • Morel – 150g
  • Sweet Pea – 55g


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny (will it ever rain this season?)


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