Day 31, Summer 3: The Hat


That strange rumbling last night was an earthquake apparently. No structural damage to my house and all the crops are intact – the only thing that’s damaged was the fence. Strange, but that’s fine since I have more fence construction planned anyway.

In other news, both the ancient seed and star fruit are growing, so I seem to have done that right. I had nine mixed seeds stored up, so I planted those just to get something sowed today since the general store is closed (and I refuse to give my business to JojaMart).


Also, mixed seeds are magic – they change into totally different crops each season

I used Speed-Gro on these. That should give me some good data on how a variety of crops perform with it.

Lewis’s “Shorts”


Hmm, another lost and found quest. This one doesn’t mention where to even begin looking though. I’ll keep an eye out, but no promises…

Now it’s off to Marnie’s ranch to buy some chickens for the coop!


Hey, what’s that on the floor up there?


Well, that was easy! Wait… oh, wow.


So the implication is that Lewis left his purple polka-dot boxers in Marnie’s bedroom because they are having a secret love affair. And yet he’s asking Karl to go find them. Isn’t this the first place he should have checked?

At any rate, it seems this quest will be in my journal for a long time. I don’t know what level of friendship it takes to get in there, but I haven’t even tried giving Marnie a gift yet to figure out what she likes.


I bought two chickens! I’m calling them Lunes and Martes.

I had to buy some hay to feed them since I did not plan ahead and plant any grass or build a silo. Do chickens eat hay? It just says “animal food”. The game didn’t give me another quest after building the coop, so I’ll just have to learn animal husbandry all on my own.

The Monoculture Hat

I made some time to pay a visit to the hat mouse and finally pick up the awesome hat I unlocked by becoming the world’s greatest parsnip farmer last season.


I couldn’t wait to show off my awesome achievement around town with my awesome new hat.



Are you kidding me? I shipped 300 parsnips and all I get is a pink fake-diamond-studded cowgirl hat?

I considered just walking away in disappointment and shame, telling myself that 1,000g could be put to much better use.

But you know what? I earned this hat, darn it! I said I would do it and I’m gonna stick to my word. I’m going to wear it proudly, until I can earn another achievement that’s even better.


OK, it’s actually not the worst hat I could’ve gotten. I could’ve had to put on a watermelon headband all year, I should be counting my blessings.

It really doesn’t look that bad. I think it might grow on me. And Karl is secure enough in his masculinity to sport a pink sparkly hat. Maybe he’ll even start a new fashion trend.


I checked in on Lunes & Martes on my way back up to the mine, where I reached level 25.




Shipped a new type of mushroom found in the mine, and some minerals.

Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Mayor’s “Shorts”


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny




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