IRL Update #3

I apologize for the lack of posts this week. I was on vacation for a few days in the mountains,


and then I came back to a very hectic week and ended up missing Thursday too. I try to keep one or two completed posts ahead for times like this but that’s been getting tougher lately. You may see some shorter posts this summer as I try to fit virtual farming in with my real-life responsibilities.

The very busy last couple of weeks have paid off though: the older of my two children is now potty-trained! Before her second birthday, too – I’m so proud, and it is SO nice to be back to only having one kid in diapers. Sorry if that’s TMI for you non-parents out there!

Let’s change the subject to something slightly more farming-related: I now have more tomatoes than I know what to do with! Here’s a photo from a week or two ago:


Since then almost every one of those has ripened to a nice juicy red. They’re pretty tasty!

The current plan is to slice them up for burgers on the 4th of July (we have lots of people coming over). If there’s still a ton left after that, I’d love to make them into gazpacho!


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