Day 30, Summer 2: Mushrooms

Mushroom Cave

I’ve already got some mushrooms in the cave on the second day.


I picked 5 common mushrooms and a chanterelle.

New Fish

I needed some money to buy more seeds today, so I went south for some foraging and fishing.


There are some new fish in the river. I caught a few rainbow trout, and twice I hooked a really tough fish that got away. Not sure what it is yet, but I’m sure it’s something I haven’t seen before.

I haven’t seen any of the summer foraging items yet. I wonder if they show up mid-season? I want to get started on that foraging bundle!


Elliott proved to be quite prescient today. On the way to the docks to sell the fish, I found a rainbow shell that sold for 300g.


One crab trap had this little periwinkle in it; the other two just had trash.

I happened to have that strawberry on me when I saw Leah this time. She seemed to really like the gift, but again, no friendship increase.


Wrestling with a Pike

I caught a tuna and a red mullet in the ocean, then sold the day’s catch to Willy for some good seed money.

I had some time left before Pierre’s shop closed at 6, so I fished once more in town and hooked that aggressive fish again. This time I kept it on the line for a tough, half-hour-long fight, until finally I reeled it in and discovered it was a pike.

By now it was 5:40, so I hurried up to Pierre’s but still had over ten minutes before closing time.

A Two-Day Setback

Nope! Pierre took a page out of Marnie’s book and decided to just stop manning the counter during store hours.


Get back over here man, I need some seeds!

Well, this kind of sucks. And he’s closed on Wednesday, so now I won’t be able to plant anything today or tomorrow…

I’ll miss out on two days worth of hops and probably a hot pepper harvest as well. Lesson learned: don’t trust the map screen for accurate store hours – the doors may still be open but that doesn’t mean you can buy anything. Get there early!

Weapon Selling and Cave Fishing

I sold the wooden blade and club to what’s-his-face at the adventurer’s guild for 100g each, then I returned to floor 20 of the mine to try fishing¬†underground.



Ghostfish, ooooOOOOOoooooooo

Another new fish! That makes six more in my collection today – I guess it’s not a total waste of a day.

Tomorrow, since I won’t be planting anything, I’ll have time (and can spare 1,000g) to pay a visit to the hat mouse and get myself a cool hat to show off my Monoculture skills.


There was a strange rumbling noise during the black screen after going to bed. Hmm.


Total income: 1,856g

New fish caught:

  • rainbow trout
  • periwinkle
  • tuna
  • red mullet
  • pike
  • ghostfish


Tomorrow’s weather:¬†Sunny


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