Day 29, Summer 1: An Empty Coop

Today is summer solstice, the longest day of the year which also marks the beginning of summer! It definitely feels like summer here in southern California – today’s high is 97F (36C) in my coastal city. We’ve been having homegrown tomatoes with most every meal as they’re all beginning to turn red in the garden. Karl will need to plant some to catch up (should be easy since I doubt they take three months to grow in Stardew Valley).

Let’s see what “Livin’ Off The Land” has to say about the new season:


Wow, hops like in beer? Daily harvests sounds like a great crop for getting my income flowing again.


And here’s my boring-looking farm again. The day looks a little brighter with more saturated colors. Today will be focused on spending most of my cash to get a nice big batch of crops growing once more.


Apparently I’m making quick progress! I wonder if they say that to every new farmer though.

Planting an Apple Tree

Yesterday I bought an apple sapling from Pierre, so I had to decide on a spot for it this morning. I like the idea of having my fruit trees lining the path heading south toward the pond.


Chicken Coop


The coop is done! I earned 100g for finally finishing that quest. I was hoping another quest would start, explaining the basics of raising animals, but no such luck. Maybe I can ask Marnie later.


Hmm, so I might need to start producing feed before getting chickens if I don’t want to have to buy it.


Something strange is happening in the mushroom cave to make the planter boxes throb like this.

Getting to Work


I dug out a 6 x 6 plot where the melons will go, and made enough fertilizer for them. I need 5 gold-quality melons for the bundle, so 36 should hopefully be enough if I was averaging about 15% gold crops last season with basic fertilizer. I took out some fence as I’ll be resizing this area to be slightly larger.

A goal I have from now on is to use some type of fertilizer on everything I plant. Even if it’s just retaining soil, which is really cheap to make and would allow me to plant more by not having to water as  much. Mostly I want to use the basic fertilizer though, with some Speed-Gro on certain crops that will get the most out of it.

I should be using all excess energy chopping trees each day to build up a supply of sap and wood, which is why I upgraded my axe first.


I planted the star fruit and ancient seed in here. I really hope they grow!

Time to visit Pierre and find out what I’ll be planting this season (besides melons). On the way there I looked for any new foraging items, but found none.


Here’s the summer calendar. There’s a Luau on the 11th, and something called the “Dance of the Moonlight Jellies” on the last day of the season.


Abigail and Leah have pretty different opinions on summer. I just thought this was funny. Let’s get to the good stuff though and see what Pierre sells:


The theme of summer seems to be the “plant once, keep harvesting” type of crops. All but the melons and radishes are in that category – tomato, blueberry, peppers, hops, and corn.

There’s also wheat and some new flowers, poppy and spangle.

I bought 27 more melon seeds to total 36. I would’ve bought tomatoes or hops after that, but then I saw that corn can grow in both summer and fall. That sounds like great value if planted at the start of summer, so I bought 22 of those for 3,300g. Hopefully that was a wise investment!


It’s also part of the quality crops bundle, so I should be getting that finished soon.


I found a crayfish in my crab pot. The trap doesn’t get used up, so you can keep adding bait to it to catch more critters. Still glad I chose the Fisherman profession though. Checking traps all day would get boring quick.


Alex runs an ice cream stand over by the museum. Ice cream probably makes a good gift, and it restores 100 energy. Costs 250g though so I won’t be buying many of them.

Marnie’s Store Hours Are Wrong



I took the southern path back home so I could go see Marnie about some chickens. I got there at 3, but she wasn’t at the counter.


I’d love some animals to treat well, how’s about you sell me some instead of this idle chitchat?

Talking to her she sounded like nothing was the matter, like she always just leaves work an hour early regardless of who planned their day around chicken shopping. Oh well, the coop will still be there tomorrow I guess.

Failed Delivery

I forgot I still had that anchovy to deliver, so I ran up to Sebastian’s house.


“Anchovy delivery! Oh, door’s closed… I’ll just sell it to the mayor then”

He’s playing a computer game or something and I doubt he’ll be coming outside. It sure would be nice if you could knock on people’s doors in this game.

First Summer Crops

I came back and did my planting in the evening as the fireflies came out.


If melons sell for the same price as cauliflower, this is about 7,000g right here

Another reason I wanted a 6 x 6 square was due to my experience watering last season. It’s quicker to stand in one spot and water the 9 surrounding tiles, so four groups of 9 feels more efficient.


Corn went in the top two rows of my little field.

Looking at this picture I’m remembering that the star fruit plant is too far away from the scarecrow and could be eaten by crows. Since I only have one of those I’d hate to lose it. I’ll make sure to move the other scarecrow over there tomorrow.



Some minerals from geodes, and that anchovy and crayfish. I’m back to the days of low profits until I get a good crop rotation going again.

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Build a Coop (100g)

Quest Expired: Delivery (Anchovy to Sebastian)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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