Day 28, Spring 28: Three Hundred Thirty-Three Parsnips

Joensuu Cave

Demetrius came over this morning with some exciting news.

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Since I already plan to plant fruit trees and I haven’t seen any other way to get mushrooms, I chose mushrooms.


Looking forward to see what shows up in here!

Monoculture Achieved


Today the Great Parsnip Experiment comes to a close. Since day 9 I’ve planted and shipped 300 parsnips. With today’s last batch of 20 and the ones shipped before I started the experiment, the grand total will come to 333 parsnips shipped and a total profit of about 6,000g.


I actually earned the achievement at the end of the day yesterday, but I wanted an extra batch so I’d have equal numbers of fertilized vs. unfertilized parsnips. Check out the final tally over at the parsnip page. I learned that basic fertilizer is actually really good, even better than Speed-Gro in most cases, especially given how easy it is to make.

I picked the tulips and jazz flowers and said farewell to the strawberry and bean plants. The farm is looking pretty sad now but I’m excited to get to work on the new summer crops tomorrow!

Sorry Harvey and Emily


Sure enough, I did miss a birthday yesterday because of Lewis blocking my view of the calendar. I’ll give Emily a flower today as a belated birthday present. Oh, I missed Harvey’s birthday too. That’s okay, he seems pretty reclusive so I’m sure he doesn’t mind.

With no farm work to do I was in town before anything was open. I killed some time talking to Shane, who is apparently my best friend now.


I offered him a cherry bomb and now he’s not my best friend anymore.


Now that Clint’s shop is open, it’s geode time again!


Shiny new Iridium Ore… can’t do anything with this yet but it looks fancy

Here’s what was in my 3 geodes and 5 Omni geodes:

  • Alamite
  • Soapstone
  • Thunder Egg
  • Orpiment
  • 3 Iridium Ore
  • Iron Ore
  • 10 Copper Ore
  • Clay

Donating the four new minerals unlocked another item for my home:


Soon I’ll need a bigger house to put all this stuff in. The big question right now is whether to get the house upgrade or the backpack upgrade next. With all the new stuff I’m finding, my pockets are feeling pretty small again.

I bought my apple tree seedling from Pierre! I almost had enough left over for a pomegranate tree (6,000 g) as well… but it’s more important to get a good start on the summer crops so I passed on that. I’ll see how the apple tree does before I decide whether to go for a full-on orchard next year.

Crab Pot Fail

I took a bulletin board request from Sebastian for an anchovy. On the way to the beach I checked one of my crab pots. Still nothing. Then I figured out why:



I feel dumb now. I took some bait off my fishing rod’s magical bait compartment and loaded it into all three traps.


Then I got lucky and got an anchovy on my first cast, so I have plenty of time left for a good mining expedition.


Just had to leave this here. This game hits you right in the feels sometimes

New Weapons in the Mine



I haven’t been using the cherry bombs I’ve found, so I fixed that today. When I’ve cleared out a level and still not found the stairs, bombs are a good way to break a ton of rocks at once and get to the next level quicker.


I broke a barrel and this carving knife fell out. It stabs really fast but it does piddly damage. I was debating whether to use it instead of the wooden sword, but I didn’t have to debate for long. Here’s what was in the center of that long spiral path on floor 19:


Since my inventory was full, you can see everything that dropped out of these. I guess that’s one benefit to my backpack woes.


Some topaz, amethyst, and coal here, and that stick in the upper left is a club that hits for 9 – 16 damage. But even that was rendered likely obsolete when I got to floor 20 and found the next treasure chest waiting for me.



I don’t know if that means swing speed or movement speed. It must be swing speed since I don’t think just carrying it around made me run faster.

There’s an underground lake here! I would try fishing, but with no room in my backpack I’ll just come back later. I unlocked the next elevator stop so my day’s mission is done.


There seems to be a lot of good loot in the mine, and my skill level ups are unlocking a bunch of things I can’t craft yet without some new metals so I have a big incentive to delve deeper down in the coming weeks. Summer is shaping up to be a very busy season.

See you on the solstice next Monday!




I heard a ding right after going to bed that means a quest was completed. That can only mean the coop is complete. I’m gonna get me some chickens!

 Achievement Unlocked:


Journal Progress:

Quest Started: Delivery (anchovy for Sebastian – 90g)

New Items Donated:



New recipe learned: Omelet

Tomorrow’s weather:¬†Sunny


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