Day 27, Spring 27: Lots of Leeks

I woke up to a pleasant surprise today.


The wild spring seeds take 7 days to grow (planted on Day 20) and produce a random assortment of the four foraging items. It’s weird seeing all of these bunched up together in a row in front of my house. I wonder if I’ll get farming or foraging experience points for them?

I sold all except the leeks, which I’ll save to give to George since I know they’re his favorite thing, and with spring ending soon he won’t find any out in nature anymore. I have 12 leeks in storage now, enough for 6 weeks of gift giving. George might become Karl’s best friend soon.


What recipe? Did you forget the attachment?

The letter was just another one from Shane trying to share a recipe. He’s sent the same recipe like three times now, and each letter after the first one has had no effect since I’ve learned it already.


The cauliflower is ready today too, along with a really nice parsnip shipment:


This is going to be a highly profitable day – over 2,000g easily. It also marks my 300th parsnip shipped, so I’ll be earning the Monoculture achievement at the end of the day!

Letdown in the Forest


I ran down to Cindersap Forest remembering a fallen log that blocks off a new area. I still can’t break it though. I won’t be seeing what’s over there until at least one more axe upgrade.



I tapped an oak tree. That might be the most exciting part of the day

I wasted a lot of time today running around and chopping wood or something. I should have had plenty of time to break open my new geodes, donate the minerals, and clear five floors in the mine. I ended up getting to Clint’s just after 4 PM, missing store hours by seconds.


I blame Lewis. He was standing in front of the calendar for hours, blocking my view. Eventually I gave up – hope I didn’t miss a birthday today!

I donated the dwarf scroll at the museum. Nothing special happened, it seems it’s just another artifact that happens to come in different colors.


Nothing about the scroll? What does it say? It could be a map to a huge treasure hoard in a mountain!

I went mining after that, but it was too little too late. The floors are getting bigger so it’s taking longer to progress. There was even one floor that was “overrun with monsters”, where I had to kill every enemy in order to make the stairs appear.


Green means monsters

I met a new enemy, a big silver slime that splits into more green slimes when killed.

I got greedy trying to rush to floor 20, and almost ended up not making it home in time.


Floor 19 was mean – it was laid out like a huge spiral. There was no way I could make it to the center so I had to turn back.

Robin Sure Works Hard

I made it back home after 1 in the morning. Someone else was working even later:


Go home and get some sleep!

OK, I won’t complain about the time it takes to build the coop after seeing that level of dedication.




Items Donated:


Tomorrow’s weather: Pollen


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