Day 26, Spring 26: Building The Coop

Goals Update


Almost 9,000g saved up! Also, check out the cool standing geode in my house

Today’s the day I have enough materials and cash to finally hire Robin to build me a chicken coop.

In fact, I actually have enough money for two coops – or even better, a coop and an apple tree!

I have a couple more days to think it over, but for now that’s the plan. The timing couldn’t be better.


I finished all the watering by 9 AM today, which is a welcome change. I used some of the extra time to chop some more stumps and trees nearby, and then gathered up the 300 wood and 100 stone to bring to Robin’s.

Deliveries and Birthday Gifts


Word of Karl’s smallmouth-bass-delivery skills must be getting around. Even Willy wants a piece of the action now. I figured he’d just catch one himself, but maybe he only likes ocean fishing.

I accepted the quest thinking I could fit it into the day’s errands, and then paid Pierre a visit.


Today is Pierre’s birthday! I gave him a gold parsnip as thanks for selling me 320 parsnip seeds over the past couple weeks. The gift bumped him up to the Green Bubble Club where he joins Mayor Lewis and Shane.


I went to the river next, knowing that the best way to fail a delivery quest is to put it off until later. Two sunfish later I found the bass I was looking for, along with a treasure chest containing a geode. I gave it to Willy at the fish shop, got paid, and sold him the sunfish while I was there. I planned on a mine visit so I needed my backpack mostly empty.


This must’ve been the fastest delivery I’ve ever done. Only two in-game hours from accepting the quest to collecting the reward!

I also confirmed that my profession bonus kicks in when selling to shopkeepers too – not just at the shipping box. If you look at the screenshot above, those sunfish would’ve been 30g each before becoming a Fisher and are now increased to 37g.

Checking the Crab Pots


Coming up empty on all three counts

Neither one of my ocean & river crab pots seemed to have anything in them. The instructions did say to check them the next day… am I missing something? Maybe I’m expected to just check on them every day and if I’m lucky I’ll have caught something. If that’s the case I’m glad I didn’t pick Trapper as a profession.

Later on I checked the other crab pot at the mountain lake – nothing in there, either.

Mudstone and Starfruit

My day keeps getting interrupted by little things to take care of before going to see Robin. But the day is still young and so far it’s been productive. Let’s see what was in that geode caught while fishing:


Petrified mud inside a hollow rock shell – it’s like a geological chocolate eclair

Gunther identified it as a mudstone, and gave me another reward for donating it. That’s three museum rewards in two days!


Another seed I’ve never heard of before, and it only gave me one so it must be rare. Great timing with summer around the corner though! I wonder if I’ll regret it later if I just sell the fruit… I’m kind of obsessed with filling up that collection page.

At 3 PM I finally made my way up to Robin’s workshop.


When nature calls… for the removal of unsightly tree stumps

For some reason the game won’t let me chop down these tree stumps. Who cut the trees though? I feel like they weren’t always like this.


It’s finally time to get some animals on the farm (*cough* some more animals, of course I wouldn’t forget you Sandor).


I’m supposed to decide where to put it. Hmm… I doubt I’ll be able to move it later so this is actually somewhat important. I think it’ll be good over on the other side of my little path:



I also bought a wooden brazier recipe while I was here. It was only 250g and it’ll be nice to have some better lighting than just torches stuck in the ground.

The Dwarf Scrolls

I wanted to spend the rest of the day delving to a lower elevator floor in the mine. I got started at 4:30, but didn’t have great luck finding ladders so I only reached level 18. I might have left anyway though – level 18 was spookier than anything I’d seen before.



I left after killing this first slime, but it dropped a new and intriguing artifact:


This is the first I’m hearing anything about dwarves. Will I be able to read it? Did the dwarves have their own runic alphabet like the Junimo?

These are questions best left for another day. For now there’s one last thing I can do before going to bed. I lucked out and found both a quartz and an earth crystal in the mine, which means I can complete another bundle in the community center!


I had a brain fart and donated the silver versions of these instead of the normal ones

I’m not sure how long it would’ve taken to find the frozen tear and fire quartz if it hadn’t been for some lucky fishing a few days ago. But now I’m 1/3 of the way to fixing the minecarts, and I got this for finishing the Geologist’s Bundle:


The next room to open up was the Vault:


The vault is just a big money sink where you bundle up varying amounts of hard-earned gold ranging from 2,500g up to 25,000g. I probably won’t invest in any of these until I have a much higher income level, but the reward does look interesting – “Bus Repair”. Apparently the bus broke down as soon as Karl got off of it. Well, that would explain why it’s just sitting there all the time. I wonder where it will go…



Today’s parsnips (unfertilized):20160608_045206.png

Total earnings: 1,028g

Skill Progress:



Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Willy – 150g and +1 friendship)

New Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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