Day 25, Spring 25: Museum Jackpot

I am getting rich really fast now. As soon as I get the new axe, it’s going to be time to chop trees nonstop until I have enough wood for the chicken coop. That’s basically my game plan for these last few days of Spring.

With the leftover money, I’ll be able to buy all the summer seeds I need to get lots of crops going right away.

Or, on second thought…


Today’s episode of Livin’ Off The Land

If I still have lots of cash after buying the coop, it may be worthwhile to buy an apple tree to plant on the first of summer. It has a hefty 4,000g price tag that won’t start paying off until the end of September. But if I don’t plant any trees for the fall, I’ll have to wait all the way until Year 2 for the next opportunity. Wow, talk about a decision with long-term ramifications.


I’d like to start off the summer with at least one chicken and a bare minimum of 2,500g for buying seeds. If I still have the 4,000 saved up beyond that, I’ll plant an apple sapling!

No More Planting

Today’s the first day since mid-April that I haven’t replanted after picking my twenty parsnips. With 320 parsnips planted, the monoculture experiment is winding down. I’ll have the achievement after two more days! It’s going to be sad seeing all that bare ground again.


The second batch of strawberries was here today. That’s four days between harvests, which unfortunately means these are the last strawberries I’ll get. If I could have just planted them one day sooner I’d have gotten an extra 660g of profit out of them. I kept one out of the five thinking it could make a good gift for Leah.


The lonely cauliflower over here was also ready, so I’ll be making a trip to the community center to complete the Spring Crops bundle.

I gathered up my crab pots, geodes, and ancient seed and set off into town.

I have three crab pots, so river, lake, ocean seems like the obvious way to place them.


First crab pot in the river south of town

While at the river I was able to pretty quickly fish up a smallmouth bass – I have a delivery request from Elliott for it.

Copper Axe


My shiny new axe was ready. I’ll be testing it out back at the farm later.

I had Clint crack open all six geodes (3 regular and 3 Frozen) with pretty good results:

  • Calcite
  • 8 stones
  • Sandstone
  • Geminite
  • Frozen Tear


The geminite (out of a frozen geode) had a sparkly effect and played a little jingle – maybe that means it’s more rare?

Also out of a frozen geode I got a Frozen Tear. I recognized it from the geologist’s bundle so I’m going to add it there before putting it in the museum. They both have good rewards, but I like discovering what the bundles do so I’m prioritizing the community center over the museum collection where possible.

Museum Double Rewards


Donating my 11th mineral unlocked a new reward. Then when I donated the Ancient Seed, another reward popped up.


I received an actual, plantable Ancient Seed, a recipe for turning more artifact Ancient Seeds into plantable ones, and this neat piece of furniture.

I’m excited to plant this mysterious seed – I should probably wait until summer starts in case the seasonal change destroys it or something.


I went looking for Elliott at the beach, but I’m not allowed in. It seems that, like Leah, when his bedroom is his entire house I can’t go in at all until we are “friends”. No idea how many points are considered friendship though.


Second crab pot at the pier

As an interesting aside, I found my campfire still here from a couple days ago – I had left it when my inventory was full, expecting it to disappear like the forge did. I guess if it’s not private property, you can leave things placed on the ground overnight. I still plan on keeping all the valuable stuff on the farm though, just in case.

My next goal was to keep an eye out for Elliott while heading toward the community center.

I didn’t see him, but I gave out a couple daffodils along the way.



Granny Evelyn says she might share her cookie recipe when she likes me more


My wife does this too!

Another Bundle Complete

Turning in the cauliflower finished up the Spring Crops bundle. Reward was 20 Speed-Gro fertilizers, and another set of bundles opened up: the Bulletin Board.


The prize for completing all five of these just says “Friendship ♥”.


It looks like this one is themed after assisting the townspeople by giving them stuff to help them achieve their dreams – for example, Gus becoming a master chef.

Most of these ingredients seem pretty rare, but I might use this as a sort of guide for giving gifts to these folks.


Last crab pot at the mountain lake

Finding Elliott

After placing the third crab pot I went back to town to look for Elliott.


I got lucky and intercepted him on his way back toward the beach. An easy 150g!

Chopping Wood

After finishing everything I had planned for the day, it was only 6 PM. I went back home and used the rest of my energy chopping up wood for the coop.


I can finally chop up these big stumps! This one won’t be in the way of my path anymore.


It’s nice that it comes off the tree already bottled and labeled for me

I also went to check on the tappers, and it’s a good thing I did, since I got my first bottle of maple syrup today.

I got plenty of wood – tomorrow it’s coop-building time!



Today’s Parsnips (fertilized):


Skill Progress:


I got a level in fishing after only catching two things today. Again, without collecting any crab pots yet it’s hard to know how good being a Trapper would be. I’m really enjoying the fishing in this game, and 25% is a pretty big bonus. Karl the tilling fisherman!

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Elliott – 150g and 1/10 friendship)

Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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