Day 24, Spring 24: Flower Dance

Today is the Flower Dance. I’m supposed to go to the forest between 9 and 2. Last time for the Egg Festival, there was no clock at the actual event and I showed up back home at 10 PM after it was over. There seems to be no benefit to arriving early, so I might as well get some errands done in the morning.

Final Parsnip Planting


Scarecrow, you da real MVP for not letting a single parsnip die to crows

This is it, my last batch of 20 parsnips to plant. After today there won’t be anything to plant until summer.

The patch of Speed-Gro already deteriorated so I won’t be able to try a parsnip there. I guess I could try planting one tomorrow, since I’m hoping for it to grow in three days. If it doesn’t, it’ll only be a 120g experiment.

The rest of the potatoes were also ready, so that’ll add an extra 500g to the day’s income. Out of the six potatoes I’ve planted, I’ve harvested eight. It seems like they would have been a highly profitable crop for me if I wasn’t so committed to parsnips.


I wanted to allow time for a trip into town before going to the event, so I did half my watering and then filled up my pack with stuff to take to the community center, blacksmith, and museum.

Another Bundle Complete

I’ve been storing up a bunch of stuff to add to the community center bundles, so I brought it all over after realizing I had enough for my next bundle.


Funnily enough, I finished the Crab Pot bundle without ever placing a crab pot. The shells were all found on the beach and the crab was the corpse of one of those hermit crab enemies in the mine.

My reward: 3 crab pots! Now I can actually try using them.

As a Junimo brought the bundle over to his little hut, the boiler room was unlocked. It contains three new bundles and a very tempting reward:


The other two are the Geologist’s Bundle and Adventurer’s Bundle

The newly available Geologist’s Bundle asks for a Fire Quartz so I put that in immediately – I’ll have to find another one for the museum.

I also deposited a potato for the Spring Crops Bundle (as soon as I get another cauliflower that’ll be complete) and five gold parsnips for the Quality Crops Bundle.

For the Fish Tank, I put in an eel, bullhead, and shad.

Where Is Everybody

It’s been a couple days and my new axe should be ready. I went to pick it up… but Clint’s shop was closed. I know he’s probably already at the dance but I’m impatient! I want to see what’s in the geodes too.

Oh well, Gunther doesn’t attend town events so at least I should be able to get into the museum.


See that at the lower right corner? That’s Abigail going into the museum. Now here’s Karl a moment later:


Is there something fishy going on here? Clearly there is, I mean it’s not like this is the result of a programmer setting all town buildings to closed while still letting NPCs go about their regular routines or anything…

Abigail Might Be A Witch

So Abigail walks into the museum and locks the door, at which point I immediately start running to the Flower Dance. It’s directly west of here and I took the straight line path, not encountering anyone with purple hair along the way.

I walk into the party, and who do I see standing over by the food table?


Presented for your careful consideration

All I know is, the mine carts are broken, I haven’t seen anyone drive a car, and this isn’t the first time something like this has happened. Abigail did somehow win the egg hunt by a large margin. All the evidence points to some weird stuff going down in this town.

The Most Depressing Holiday

The Flower Dance consists of all the single ladies lined up on one side and all the single men on the other, so if you want to participate you have to find a partner. Surely one of the five eligible women will want to dance with Karl?


My gift game was not strong enough. There’s always next year I guess.



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