Day 23, Spring 23: Karl’s Day Off

Happy Memorial Day!

I was thinking it might be nice to have the Flower Dance line up with today, but it’s actually a neat coincidence that it happened to rain in Stardew Valley for the first time in about ten days.


Since Karl has been spending 6 hours a day farming lately, this rain essentially gave him the whole day off, and it’s on the same day that I also get a holiday away from work.

After shipping and replanting parsnips, Karl is going to spend the whole day fishing. I’ve learned a couple new tips recently – first that I might catch different fish when it’s raining, and second that different fish live at different distances from the shore. I’m going to try a few different fishing spots and see how well I can do.

You can see above that the Spring Seeds have finally sprouted on the third day. That’s a relief, but still a little concerning that they may not be mature in time.

Speed-Gro Results


The potato I planted with Speed-Gro fertilizer is ready for harvest one day before all the rest – the experiment was a success! Tomorrow I think I’ll try planting a parsnip here. As an added bonus, I got two potatoes out of it.


Today’s fortune was good. I’m hoping to find some new fish I haven’t caught before, so hopefully this will make them more likely to bite.

Morning: Cindersap Lake


Already relaxing by the lake at 7:30 AM – rainy days sure are nice

This is the earliest Karl has gone out fishing by far. First stop was the small lake in Cindersap Forest, south of the farm. The last time I tried fishing here, I found only trash. Now I have a higher skill level, a better rod, and bait, so it was time for another round.

The first thing I caught was a Joja Cola, but then the next three casts all hooked smallmouth bass – one gold-quality and two silver. At least I know this lake isn’t completely empty.

After that I started finding just trash and algae for a while, so I decided to move on. I’m also trying to alternate between long casts and short ones, but over the course of the day I didn’t really notice any patterns.

Afternoon: River Mouth


Right by the hat mouse house here

From this little island in the river I caught some chub and then unlocked a new achievement for catching 100 fish (algae and seaweed must count as fish for this total):


Since I was right near the hat mouse I went to look at his new hats.


Good Ol’ Cap is for “Greenhorn” achievement, Watermelon Band for “Mother Catch”

The hats don’t seem to do anything, but I’m pretty sure I’ll buy the Monoculture one so I can show off my Spring Year 1 parsnip growing skills.

A little further downstream near the river mouth I had my first new catch of the day:


This thing is huge


I have a hunch that these showed up when my bobber was over the deeper-looking water. I  tried the same spot and caught two more of them before continuing on to do some ocean fishing. I also found a chest with three Frozen Geodes in it. I’m intrigued to see what comes out of those when I take them to Clint.

Evening: Beach


Knowing that “distance from shore” is a thing that affects which fish bites, I tried casting from the beach rather than going out onto the pier. At first it was just some sardines, but then after 6 PM I started finding eels.

This is one more to add to the night fishing bundle, and it sells for a lot – I found a gold one that brought in 127g.


Campfire once again essential for taking screenshots

Halibut was the last new catch of the day. I found two, one from the beach and one over here by the Lonely Stone.

Stardrop Saloon

Figured I shouldn’t go the entire day without speaking to anyone, so I stopped by here around 10:00. For a Tuesday night there were plenty of people there, including Willy and Leah who I haven’t seen there before.


I took the opportunity to give Leah another dandelion.


Put your Friend Points where your mouth is Leah!

For the second time it seemed to have no effect, despite her reaction. Darn, I was hoping to at least get the bubble to turn green. At this rate, there might not be any ladies willing to dance with Karl at tomorrow’s dance…

I’ll have to look for a better gift next time.

Karl The Tiller

In an unexpected twist, I got a level-up that I expected to be Fishing but was Farming instead. Now that I’m level 5, I’m supposed to pick a profession!


All those parsnips have really added up

There’s an obvious choice here given that I’ve sold exactly zero animal products so far and have yet to even obtain any animals besides a dog. I wish I at least had the chicken coop before having to make this decision – what if I love animal husbandry and I don’t want to do much farming anymore?

I had to go with Tiller though, as I knew for sure it would start providing value right away, with still more parsnips to ship and a big batch of cauliflower and melons coming up.


And by right away, I mean at the very next screen! Each parsnip is immediately worth 3, 4, or 5 more gold depending on quality. Can’t go wrong there.

Fishing profits almost broke 1,000g. In fact, the only reason they didn’t was because my inventory filled up before the end of the day and I had to throw some back.

Fishing Day Summary

Here’s a list of everything notable I found today, excluding things like trash, algae, and coal.


  • 3 smallmouth bass
  • 3 chub
  • 3 shad
  • 4 sardine
  • 3 eel
  • 2 halibut
  • 1 herring

Treasure Chests:

  • 3 geodes
  • 3 frozen geodes
  • fire quartz (mineral)
  • ancient seed (artifact)

On the beach:

  • 2 clams
  • oyster
  • cockle

Today’s Parsnips:


See you next time for the Flower Dance.


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