Day 22, Spring 22: Axe Upgrade

A New Fishing Tip

Today is Monday again – the final week of Spring. The latest episode of Livin’ Off The Land was all about fishing, with some things I already knew and one really interesting thing I didn’t.


Huh – so I don’t just need to try to hit “MAX” with each cast. I wonder if there are a bunch of fish close to shore that I’ve been missing out on?


Karl is really bad about writing and calling his Mom

An unexpected freebie in the mail left me with almost 6,000g in my wallet! That’s definitely the most I’ve had so far. It’s a little tempting to just go straight for the coop purchase today, but I’m going to stick to the plan and go get that copper axe first (besides, I don’t think I have enough wood for the coop yet).


The spring seeds are still not sprouting but I’ll keep on trying. Hopefully I’m not watering them in vain. Also, it looks like a crow ate one of my blue jazz flowers or something, since I know it was there yesterday and I didn’t pick it. Must be a bit too far from the scarecrow.


It’s really good to know that he is successfully protecting my more valuable crops though.

Giving Some Gifts

I knew Leah does her shopping on Monday afternoons so I brought a gold-star dandelion with me to town. I found her just before she went into Pierre’s store.


She seemed really happy, but her friendship level stayed at 1/10. Is she just being polite? Maybe she doesn’t like dandelions as much as I thought.


I also remembered Evelyn’s little secret about George and brought him a gold leek I’d been saving.


Thanks for the tip Granny Evelyn

Another friendship in progress – this day is going great so far. I wonder if everyone has a “favorite” gift like George does that’ll make them love you faster. I wonder if anyone will find out Karl’s favorite thing and give it to him as a surprise? A nice slice of pie sounds really good right now…

Bass Request #3

This time it’s Haley asking to buy a fish, but she wants a smallmouth bass instead (she must have smaller feet). It offers only half the reward, but I know these can be pretty easily found in the river so it shouldn’t take too long today.


I went to Pierre’s to pick up the last 40 parsnip seeds for the Monoculture Experiment. I only need to plant tomorrow and Wednesday and then I’ll be done with all my Spring farming! I should be hitting 300 parsnips shipped either Friday or Saturday. After this little hurrah moment it was finally time to go see a man about an axe.

Axe Upgrade, Third Time’s The Charm


I was half expecting something disastrous to happen like Clint being closed on Monday or doubling his prices just to spite me, but nope – this time I did everything right and the purchase went off without a hitch. I just handed Clint the 2,000g, five copper bars and my axe, and I’ll come back in a couple days to pick up the new one. A bit anticlimactic, really.

Fishing Exhaustion

Just outside the shop I started fishing for Haley’s bass. I accidentally cast one two many times before eating a snack, and over-exerted myself.


Oops… He’ll feel that one in the morning

Eating allowed me to keep going, but the little blue sad face remained, which means I’ll be waking up with half energy tomorrow. I think the only way to cure that is a 1,000g medicine from Harvey – not in my budget right now!

I was pretty lucky and caught a smallmouth bass quickly. Heading back across the river I spotted an unusual disturbance in the water, so naturally I tried casting my line into it.


Sparkles means it worked, right?

The fish bit right away, but other than that I don’t think it does anything special. Maybe there are some rare fish that can only be found in these spots, but this time I caught two smallmouth bass and a Joja Cola.

I ran over to Haley’s house with my fresh catch, but found Emily there instead.


To kill some time I went outside to talk to some people, do a bit of foraging and shake some trees.


Presumably Sam is Vincent’s big brother


When I got back to Haley & Emily’s house, Emily had gone to work and Haley was back home – great timing. It’s nice to be able to quickly knock out a delivery quest the same day like this.


Another 150g richer

I also gave her a daffodil before leaving.

There were a few hours left in the day, so I spent what little energy I had left digging up pine cones.


This is the southwest corner of the farm. I wonder if I’ll ever get all this cleared out. The new axe will help.

Until I get my axe back, this and shaking trees are the only ways to get seeds for field snacks.

It was a pretty leisurely day today. Tomorrow will be even more so with rain in the forecast. I haven’t had a rainy day since I first planted my parsnip plots ten days ago! It’ll be great to have almost the entire morning free again.



Today’s Parsnips (unfertilized): 20160513_070402.pngTotal income: 1,116g

Journal Progress:

Quest completed: Delivery (smallmouth bass to Haley – 150g)


Tomorrow’s weather: Rain


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