Day 21, Spring 21: Greenhorn

Spring Seeds, Still Seeds


Good Morning – wait, what’s going on here?

This could be a problem. The Spring Seeds I planted yesterday have not shown any signs of sprouting. To answer my most obvious question, I went back to check and yes, I did remember to water them yesterday.

Why haven’t they sprouted? I guess the worst case scenario is that they could actually have a super long growth time, even longer than cauliflower, so that it takes a couple days before you even see any change. That would mean they’re wasted since the end of Spring is only a week away (in Stardew Time – a month away in Earth Time).

Another possibility is that they don’t have any graphics for intermediate stages and just poof from seeds to fully grown leeks/dandelions/etc. when they’re ready. It could even be a random number of days – that would explain why it’s not stated on their description. The best I can do is just keep watering them and hope for the best.

First Strawberries

The good news on the farm today is that I have my first set of five strawberries to pick.



They can provide good energy, but I’m still using field snacks for that so I just put them all in the shipping box. I’m sure I could use the money more than the food at this point.


Today’s parsnip harvest was the best it’s ever been, thanks to that fertilizer and despite another bad fortune. Those silver & gold stars amount to an extra 117g in pure profit – a 39% increase after factoring in seed cost. It seems small but when added up over the course of a season it could reach a few thousand.

Nonstop Work

With the entire morning dedicated to farming, there’s no time for idle chitchat. I went straight for the mine, remembering to bring my sword this time.

I was just hunting for copper today, going down ladders as I found them but not determined to hit the next elevator floor.

Something unexpected happened on floor 16:


Huh, so I guess enemies (or at least slimes) can drop… mine shafts?


After gathering enough ore for the axe upgrade (again), I came back up to the surface to continue the search for a largemouth bass.


The reason I did my mining first was so that I could let the forge run while I was fishing. Time moves quick in this game, so this makes me feel much more efficient. If I’m going to wait around, I might as well wait around for two things at once.


I had much more luck today and caught the bass on my second cast. Now I just had to find Harvey in the evening to turn it in.

Where Does Harvey Go?

The clinic closes at 3:00, which I think is absurdly early. What am I supposed to do if I get injured or sick after 3? There’s no ER or anything in Pelican Town.

But no matter, I’ll just meet him at his house or around town – or so I thought. It turns out, Harvey lives on the second floor of the clinic, and I couldn’t find him around town or at the saloon. With no way to reach Harvey, I had to give up on the quest and the 300g. I’m learning that the two-day time limit on these quests is actually pretty challenging.

It pays to learn people’s schedules or at least their frequent spots. Maybe at higher levels of foraging I can make tracking devices to plant on people or something.

I did find Jodi at home though and gave her the cauliflower I’d been carrying around.


She’s been waiting three days to make this yellow curry

She gave me 350g for my trouble. Would’ve been nice if she’d mentioned that in her letter. When I pocketed the cash it triggered my second achievement!


I’ve now officially earned 15,000 gold since inheriting Joensuu farm.

Shane Opens Up


I stopped by the saloon after Jodi’s still looking for Harvey. Just the regulars there – Pam, Marnie, Shane, and later Clint.

Despite the successful herring delivery and excellent birthday gift, Shane still wanted nothing to do with Karl.


Only Shane’s really close friends may interrupt him when he’s brooding

I left the saloon to go directly home through Cindersap Forest. New cutscene triggered!


How the heck did you get here so fast? I just saw you in the back of the saloon when I left

It’s Shane again – ten minutes after he asked to be left alone, here we are again. Either he can teleport around, or he knows some secret way here that’s much quicker than the path I took, because he was just casually having a beer at the dock like he’d been there a while.

Something about being in the woods I guess made him want to actually talk to Karl this time.


Wow, he’s depressing.

And talk he did. The words just kept flowing out – too many words. It was quite sad, really. He must really have no one to talk to if he’s confiding in Karl all of a sudden. I look forward to talking to him tomorrow to see if he’s back to his usual rude, antisocial self while in public.

Pine Tree Tapped


Heading north back onto the farm I had one last surprise – some pine tar ready to collect from my tapper.


It took 5 days to collect, sells for 100g, and can be used to make Speed-Gro fertilizer or as part of the Exotic Foraging Bundle. No maple syrup from the other tapper yet though.

I sold it to add to the collection, along with that largemouth bass I couldn’t give to Harvey in time. At least I’ll get 125g for it after missing out on that 300g reward.

I can’t wait to see the shipping screen today. I sold a ton of good stuff. Tomorrow, unless something else goes horribly wrong, will finally be the day I buy the axe upgrade!



Wow – strawberries sell for 120g a pop! They’ve already paid for themselves, and hopefully there will be another couple harvests before summer.

Total Income: 2254g

Journal Progress:

Quest Completed: Jodi’s Request (350g)


Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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