Day 20, Spring 20: The Forge Is Gone


I’m not going to blame it on bad luck, but I’ll just say this is a fitting fortune for today.

Here were the day’s goals:

  • Give Jodi that cauliflower
  • Go to Clint’s to finally get my axe upgrade, and process geodes
  • Donate to the museum
  • Try some fishing with bait in the ocean
  • Give Shane a herring (it’s his birthday)

I ended up doing only one and a half of the things on this list. Plans almost always change, so it’s good to be adaptable. I think I made the most of the day despite a pretty big setback that you’ll see shortly (or just look at the title).


A nice Spring day with pollen and flower petals blowing in the breeze feels like the perfect time to plant my wild spring seeds

I finally got around to planting the 30 spring seeds I got as a reward for the foraging bundle. The description doesn’t say how long they take to grow, so I hope it’s less than 8 days. I figured I should try planting them even with that risk, rather than waiting an entire year.


It was already noon by the time I got to town. Time goes by super fast now with all the crops I have to water. Jas could tell I’d spent the whole morning watering, tilling, and planting.


Vincent’s dad? Could this be the elusive Kent whom no one ever talks about and who appears only on the town map? Kent and Jodi must be divorced or something, since her bed clearly only sleeps one. But then again, Jodi’s not listed as single in the social list. Maybe it’s one of those “we’re still together for the kids, but we sleep in separate beds” sorts of marriages.

People In This Town Sure Love Largemouth Bass

Word of Karl’s fishing prowess must be getting around. Another request for largemouth bass showed up on the bulletin board today, with the same 300g reward. This time it’s Harvey who wants one.

This is good money so I revised my planned fishing spot to the lake rather than the ocean. Sorry Shane, no birthday herring. Hopefully he likes other fish just as much. Maybe I’ll even catch two largemouth bass, those seem to be a hit with the townsfolk.

PSA: Don’t Leave Equipment Unattended

After restocking on parsnip seeds, my remaining errands were on the east side of the river. I went into the blacksmith shop with my 2,000g and plenty of copper ore and coal, ready to smelt the five bars needed to upgrade my axe.


Wait, where’s my forge? I left it right here! Whyyyyyyy

If you’ve been reading along you may remember that five days ago I brought my forge with me so I could do some smelting over here at Clint’s shop, since I didn’t have enough coal at home. I ended up leaving it here and didn’t realize it until going to bed, but I figured I could just come back and collect it whenever. I haven’t needed it in the past few days, so I never bothered to check on it.

Well… I learned a valuable lesson today. The forge has disappeared. Apparently stuff that’s placed on the ground is only safe if it’s on my own property. That sucks.

I can make another one, but it takes 20 copper ore and I won’t have enough left over for the axe upgrade. I don’t trust Clint anymore so I’d rather not give him any more money than I have to, which means it’s back to the mine to look for some more ore!


Speaking of smelting, why can’t I just use that industrial-sized forge he’s got right there in the shop?

While I’m here, I can at least open those two geodes I found yesterday. The first one just had coal in it, but the second was a new mineral – petrified slime.

Donations And A Reward

I went to the museum to donate the new finds: the petrified slime, a quartz, and a nautilus fossil. I also had an earth crystal but it turned out I’ve already donated one of those.


Above: minerals; below: artifacts


Reaching ten donations earned me the second reward: 9 melon seeds. This is a 12-day crop, so the summertime equivalent to cauliflower. This’ll give me a great jump start on my planting next season.




Happy Birthday To Shane

Heading north toward the lake and mine took me past Jojamart, workplace of today’s birthday boy. There wasn’t enough time to return here after fishing, so I opened my backpack looking for a suitable gift. That spare earth crystal looked good.


Apparently 2/10 friend level’s still not enough for him to want to chat though:


Lake Fishing


I reached the mountain lake just after 4 PM and fished for 4 hours, but no luck finding a largemouth bass. I caught a bunch of carp, a few chub, and a bullhead though. The bait definitely seems to have an effect, as I caught a total of ten fish in that time and felt like I was getting more bites compared to algae and trash than before.

Unprepared Miner

I wasn’t sure if largemouth bass could be found at night, so I decided the time would be better spent mining for copper. I had a slight problem in that I wasn’t expecting to go into the mine today so I didn’t bring my sword…


Don’t hurt me don’t hurt me don’t hurt me

I figured I could just avoid all the enemies long enough to find a couple copper nodes – all I needed was five pieces of ore and then I could bounce.

If this sounds like a recipe for disaster you’re right. Don’t try this at home kids. At least I didn’t die! Probably could have if I were deeper than floor 15 though.


The scythe can be used to fight with but it’s very ineffective. Still I thought I could kill these grubs easily for some bug meat. Bad idea. I learned that they turn into an invulnerable green cocoon if you don’t kill them quick enough, after which they will metamorphose into those super annoying white flies.


Being swarmed by those without a proper weapon, I couldn’t stick around to look for copper anymore so I hightailed it out of there.

I found exactly one piece of copper ore on that whole floor, so this was a lesson in futility. Karl ran home to sleep and hopefully heal some of his wounds.



Today’s parsnip shipment was all regular quality (no fertilizer).

Skill Progress:


I hope this recycling machine can take all the trash I fish up and turn it into something useful.

New Items Donated:



Tomorrow’s weather: Sunny


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